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CSD Finance

The appointment of a Finance Partner for CSD has proven extremely beneficial for the division and has ensured prudent financial management of the CSD accounts. They are now the focal point for all financial analysis undertaken in CSD and they gather the information in order to analyse the scope of activity within CSD and make recommendations to the COO on expenditure and potential savings where appropriate.

The Finance Partner has been working to develop the capability of finance administrators within each of the CSD areas to be able to assist their Directors and the Office of the COO with commentary on financial performance. This will enhance the data provided for reporting purposes.

For the first time, there is now granularity to income and expenditure within CSD. Communications are improving as the finance partner works to roll-out SLAs within CSD and across the university. These key achievements have strengthened the work of CSD and ensure that finances are core to the work of each area.

In addition to finances, the finance partner has taken on the management of the college-wide risk register and maintenance of the internal audit recommendations log for CSD. In line with the change programme across the university, the improved financial analysis will provide a greater insight into the workforce planning process and the analysis of headcount. This will enable the COO to conduct her staff planning strategically across CSD in line with her Senior Management Team.