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Trinity College Dublin

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TrinityHaus is located in the building 16 Westland Row

The buildings were built in the 1800s.The buildings have the basement, ground floor levels, and 3 upper levels. The main entrance to buildings 12, 13 and 14 is through building 13 main entrance door on the basement level. The School of Physics Advanced Polymer Research Centre and offices are located on the ground floor level of building 12, with Innovation services office located on the first floor extension. Building 13 has Research & Innovation Services cell office located on the first floor, cell offices for department of computer science on the second floor and Programming Support Centre on the third floor. Building 14 houses Physics lab on the basement level, the Computer Science Society room on the ground floor level and department of Physics postgraduate research rooms on the second floor level. Buildings 12, 13 and 14 are linked on all floor levels. There is a staff common room located on the basement floor level of building 12. There was no access to buildings 15 and 16 due to refurbishment works.

Accessibility: Inaccessible (more info)

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