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Trinity College Dublin

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Faculty of Engineering, Mathematics and Science

Faculty of Engineering, Mathematics and Science is located in the building 27-29 Westland Row

The buildings were built in the 1800s.The buildings have the ground floor levels, and 3 upper levels. Building 22 houses the department of Physics postgraduate research rooms on the ground, first and second floor levels; the third floor has the department of Geography postgraduate research rooms and the Centre for Urban and Regional Studies, and a cloakroom on the ground floor level. In buildings 23 to 26 is the School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences on all floor levels. Buildings 23 to 26 are part of The Panoz Institute and are linked on all floor levels. There is a coffee room located on the third floor level of building 23, male and female toilet facilities on the first and second floor levels of building 25, and building 22 ground floor level.

Accessibility: Ground floor only (more info)

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