EC4060 Transport Economics

Sean Barrett received his doctorate from the National University of Ireland in 1973 and has been a member of the Economics Department at Trinity College since 1970. He is a graduate of McMaster University, Canada and University College, Dublin. He has been external examiner at the University of Ulster at Coleraine and at Loughborough University. He has served as a director of the Irish Tourist Board, 1984-9, and as a member of the Culliton Review of Industrial Policy (1992). He was both an advocate and analyst of airline deregulation in Ireland and the wider European market. He is a board member of the Journal of Air Transport Management, and has participated in European Science Foundation transport research programmes and the European Conference of Ministers of Transport. Member of the Brennan Commission on Financial Management and Control Systems in the Health Service, 2002/3. Kenmare Economics Conference, Committee Member.

Recent Publications

"John Kells Ingram 1823-1907", Hermathena, No. 164, Summer 1998.

"Peripheral Market Entry, Product Differentiation, Supplier Rents and Sustainability in the Deregulated European Aviation Market - A Case Study", Journal of Air Transport Management, No. 5, 1999.

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The Tourist Industry Capacity and Increased Investment Opportunities, Paper to Conference on Tourism, Mexico City, 1996.

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