Professor P.J. Drudy

Economics of Less Developed Countries 2004-05

B.Comm. (N.U.I.), B.A. (N.U.I.), M.Econ.Sc. (N.U.I.),
M.A. (Dubl. Cantab.), Ph.D. (Cantab.), F.T.C.D.

Positions Held
1967-69 Senior Research Assistant, Social Sciemces Research Centre, National University of Ireland, Galway,

1969-75 Junior Research Officer, Department of Land Economy,
University of Cambridge

1971-80 Fellow of St Edmund's College, University of Cambridge

1975-80 Lecturer in Economics, Department of
Land Economy, University of Cambridge

1980-85 Lecturer in Economics, Trinity College, Dublin

1983-92 Tutor, Trinity College, Dublin

1985-96 Senior Lecturer in Economics, Trinity College, Dublin

1988 Visiting Fellow, St. Edmund's College, University of Cambridge

1990 Fellow of Trinity College, Dublin
Co-Founder and Co- Director , Centre for Urban and Regional
Studies (CURS)

1992-95 Senior Dean, Trinity College, Dublin

1995-98 Bursar, Trinity College, Dublin

1996 Associate Professor of Economics, Trinity College, Dublin

1998-03 Director, Centre for Educational Access and Community
Development, Trinity College, Dublin

Junior Freshman, Introduction to Economic Policy
Junior Sophister, Environmental and Urban Economics
Junior Sophister, Economics of Less Developed Countries
Masters and Ph.D supervision

External Examiner
Cambridge University
London School of Economics
University of Zambia
National University of Ireland, University College, Dublin
Dublin City University
University of Limerick
University of Ulster

Research Interests
Economic and social change in urban areas
Urban and regional policy in the European Union
Regional incomes and costs of living in Ireland
Housing Policy
An Evaluation of Policies for People with Learning Difficulties

Administrative Experience
Has served on numerous Committees and bodies concerned with educational, financial, planning and development matters. These include the Regional Studies Association (Treasurer), Irish Branch of the Regional Studies Association (Chairman), the Management Committee of Regional Studies, Journal of the Regional Studies Association (Chairman), the Board of the European Institute for Comparative Urban Research, the European Economics Association, Dublin Docklands Development Authority, Board of the Urban Institute (joint UCD/TCD initiative), the Board of Trinity College and numerous other Committees.
Has acted as a consultant and adviser to a variety of public and voluntary bodies. These include the European Commission, the British Department of the Environment, Bord Iascaigh Mhara, Dublin Chamber of Commerce, South Dublin Chamber of Commerce and Dublin Regional Authority.

Selected Publications
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pp. 281-288, (joint author).

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