Department of Economics

Dermot McAleese

Pro-Chancellor of Trinity College & Emeritus Whately Professor of Political Economy

B Comm (NUI 1962)

M Econ Sc (NUI 1964)

M A (The Johns Hopkins University 1968)

Ph D (The Johns Hopkins University 1971)


Pro-Chancellor of the University, 2005

Chairman of the Consultative Board, Institute for International Integration Studies, Trinity College Dublin 2004

Whately Professor of Political Economy, Trinity College Dublin 1979-2004

Dean, Faculty of Business Economic and Social Studies 1999-2004

Visiting Faculty, Graduate School of International Business, Ecole des Ponts et Chaussees (Paris) 1993- present

Associate Fellow, the Irish Management Institute 1985 - present

Chairperson, the Commission on Pensions in the Public Sector 1996-2001

Director, Central Bank of Ireland 1979-96

Visiting Professor, The World Bank, Washington DC 1987

Visiting Professor, The University of Texas at Dallas 1984

President of the Irish Economic Association (1988-90)

Chairman Economic and Social Reseach Institute 1988-91

President, The Statistical and Social Inquiry of Ireland 1995-98


Economics for Business (MBA), Trinity College Dublin 1990 - present

World Economy (MSc Mgmt) Trinity Colllege Dublin and the Irish Management Institute 1992 - present

Occasional lecturer at Ecole Hassania des Travaux Publics (Casablanca), Tongji University (Shanghai) and ENPC (Paris).

Research Interests

European integration, trade and foreign investment

Irish economic policy

Business and economics







See booksite for Economics for Business at

'Trade Protectionism' Article for The Encycolpedia of Globalisation R Robertson and J A Scholte (eds), MTM Publishing, New York (forthcoming)

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'The Irish Economy: Recent Growth, European Integration and Future Prospects' paper to Centro Informacao Europeia Lisbon October 2001

External Trade Policy” in Ali El-Agraa (ed) The European Union: Economics and Policies London: Financial Times Prentice Hall 2000pp 498-526 (with Marius Brülhart)

'The Celtic Tiger: Origins and Prospects' Policy Options Politiques July August 2000

Institutional Support for Exporting: Issues and Evidence” in A MacBean (ed) Trade and Transition: Trade Promotion in Transitional Economies London: Frank Cass 2000 pp 18-28 (with Mary O’Donnell)

“Twenty-five Years 'A Growing' in Rory O'Donnell (ed) Europe: The Irish Experience Dublin: Institute of European Affairs 2000 pp 79-110

'Discussion' of J Pelkmans and P Brenton 'Bilateral Trade Agreements with the EU: Driving Forces and Effects' in O Memovedic et al (eds) Multilateralism and Regionalism in the Post-Uruguay Round Era Kluwer Academic Publishers Dordrecht 1999 pp 121-125

'Economic Policy and Performance: The Irish Experience' Journal of the Statistical and Social Inquiry Society of Ireland1997/98 Vol XXVII Part v pp 3-18

'Industrial adjustment, foreign investment and intra-industry trade' in M.Brülhart and R. Hine Intra-industry Trade and Adjustment: the European Experience Macmillan London 1999 (with M Brülhart and M O'Donnell)

'Europe and the Wider World' in K A Kennedy From Famine to Feast: Economic and Social Change in Ireland 1847-1997 Dublin Institute of Public Administration 1998 pp 160-174

Selected list of publications

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