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Trinity College Dublin

The Translation Project
Director: Professor Eiléan Ní Chuilleanáin e-mail
Researcher: Dr Tok Thompson

The Translation project is in the School of English. It has progressed on two fronts, undertaking research specifically into literary translation in Ireland, including translation into both English and Irish; and drawing on Trinity’s strengths in creative writing and modern languages to create a postgraduate course in literary translation and a forum for advanced discussion of translation research.

The project has crossed barriers between English, Irish and the European modern languages to focus research on the special case of translation and the role of the translator in a bilingual culture, with publications on the history of translation into Irish from other languages, and on the place of Hiberno-English in translation. The role of translation and bilingualism in the discipline of folklore has also been sifted, and the tendency to make divisions between the study of literature in Ireland’s two languages and to perpetuate the separation between folklore texts and literature has been questioned.

The M. Phil in Literary Translation has just completed its fourth successful year, and the Translation Studies Group has met regularly and has held an international conference on Translation and Censorship.

M.Phil. in Literary Translation

Lit. Translation Study Group

Irish University Review

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