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Trinity College Dublin

Dr Johanna Archbold

Johanna Archbold has completed her doctoral dissertation and currently holds the Library Studentship at the National Library of Ireland. She has delivered several conference papers at a national and international level the topic of her dissertation and on other issues relating to the history of the book in the Atlantic world. She co-edited Beyond the anchoring grounds: More cross-currents in Irish and Scottish studies (Belfast, 2006) and has two book chapters forthcoming in 2008 on the Irish periodical press in the late 1790s and the reprinting of the third edition of the Encyclopaedia Britannica in Dublin and Philadelphia in the same period. Johanna is currently co-ordinator of the Book History Research Network, a group that supports the work of postgraduates and scholars in any area of Book History. Its website is hosted by the CISCS at

Contact: CISS Last updated: Mar 06 2008.