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Trinity College Dublin

The Galloglass Project
Director: Dr Seán Duffy e-mail
Researcher: Dr Susan Foran e-mail

The World of the GalloglassThe Galloglass Project established a database record of all known galloglass individuals and kindreds in Ireland from the time of their first recruitment in their Hebridean and West Highland homelands in the thirteenth century to the dawn of the modern age. The location of the galloglass at the intersection of Scottish and Irish politics, warfare and culture in the late Middle Ages has long been recognized and is frequently alluded to.

It is the aim of The Galloglass Project to replace anecdote with analysis and to bring precision to our understanding of this remarkable phenomenon. The database is constructed from the widest possible spectrum of materials and from very disparate sources and is attracting much on-line interest because of its association with a number of high-profile Humanities links, most importantly De Re Militari, The Society for Medieval Military History and CELT, Corpus of Electronic Texts

A conference was held in Edinburgh University in March 2003 to introduce the work of The Galloglass Project to the field’s leading specialists, and the proceedings have now been published as The world of the galloglass: Kings, warlords and warriors in Ireland and Scotland, 1200-1600, ed. Seán Duffy (Dublin, 2007).
The Galloglass Project has laid the foundation for the new project funded under Cycle III of PRTLI to investigate Scottish migration to medieval Ireland in all its manifestations: The Medieval Migration Project

In September 2007, the members of both The Galloglass Project and The Medieval Migration Project organized a conference in Trinity College Dublin: ‘The first English empire’?: cultural transmission and political conflict in the British Isles, c.1100-c.1500, the proceedings of which will be published in autumn 2010.

The Galloglass Project database will be accessible online at University College Cork, alongside the CELT Project, a searchable online textbase of Irish literary and historical culture.

For further information on CELT, email; for The Galloglass Project, email Sean Duffy

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