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NPCAM Senior Fresher Course Structure





PY2N10 - Classical Physics: 10 credits

  • Thermodynamics (12 lectures)
  • Electricity and Magnetism II (14 lectures)
  • Materials (10 lectures)
  • Oscillations (12 lectures)

CH2201 - 10 credits

  • Molecular Orbital Theory (6 lectures)
  • Coordination Chemistry (9 lectures)
  • Chemical Thermodynamics (8 lectures)
  • Chemical Kinetics (5 lectures)
  • Introduction to Organic Chemistry (14 lectures)

MA22S1 - 5 credits

  • Multivariate Calculus for Science (33 lectures, 11 tutorials)

Module MA22S2 - 5 Credits

  • Vector Calculus for Science (33 lectures, 11 tutorials)

PY2N20 - Modern Physics and Materials 10 credits

  • Special Relativity (12 lectures)
  • Nuclear and Particle Physics (12 lectures)
  • Materials Properties and Phase Diagrams (12 lectures)
  • Wave and Optics II(12 lectures)

CH2202 -10 Credits

  • Main Group Chemistry (7 lectures)<
  • Nuclear and Medicinal Inorganic Chemistry (6 lectures)
  • Theoretical and Quantum Chemistry (9 lectures)
  • Introduction to Organic Synthesis (7 lectures
  • Organic Spectroscopy (7 lectures
  • Introduction to Molecular Modeling (6 lectures)

MA22S3 - 5 credits

  • Fourier Analysis for Science (33 lectures, 11 tutorials)

Module MA22S4 - 5 Credits

Mechanics (33 lectures, 11 tutorials)

Practical Work & Tutorials

  • PY2N10 and PY2N20 Physics Practicals(3 hours per week)
  • Small Group Tutorial and Tutorial Assignments(1 hour per week)
CH2201 and CH2202 Chemistry Practicals(3 hours per week) MA22S1, MA22S3, MA22S2 and MA22S4 Mathematics Tutorials(1 hr per week for each module)

Nanoscience & Advanced Materials Tutorials

These are special tutorials where we discuss nanoscience and materials science through the medium of special guest lectuers and reading assignments based on the themes of nanoscience and advanced materials. (0.5hr per week)

Assessment & Examinations

PY2N10 & PY2N20

The mark for each module is based in the following weighting of 60:25:10:5 for a final end of year exam, the practical laboratory work, the tutorial assignments, and the group study project.

There is a separate three hour annual examination in May for each of the two Physics modules.

MA22S1, MA22S2, MA22S3 and MA22S4

The mark for each module is based on a two hour annual examination in May.

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