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Entry Requirements

General link to Course code information for TR076 on Trinity College Dublin Admissions website:

TR076: Nanoscience, Physics and Chemistry of Advanced Materials


PLACES 2014: 20 - (24 admitted though quota remains at 20)

POINTS 2014: 595 - after 2nd round CAO offers; (was 570* in 2013 after 2nd round)


Specific Entry Requirements

Leaving Certificate OA2 or HC3 Mathematics
HC3 In two of: physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, physics/chemistry or applied mathematics
Leaving Certificate subject combinations not permitted:
Physics/chemistry with physics or chemistry
Applied mathematics with mathematics
Non Leaving Certificate:
GCSE Grade A Mathematics
Advanced GCE (A-Level) Grade C Mathematics
Advanced GCE (A-Level) Grade C In two of physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics or applied mathematics

General comments on requirements

Although not a specific requirement, it is highly advisable to enter NPCAM with at least a HC3 Leaving Certificate qualification in one or other of Physics or Chemistry, but preferably both. Entering NPCAM with neither Physics nor Chemistry is possible, in that it is currently permitted but would not be recommended for the faint hearted.

General comments on increased popularity

A sharp increase in applications for Nanoscience, Physics and Chemistry of Advanced Materials (NPCAM) has occurred in recent years making for a strong competition for entry into the course in 2013. If nanoscience interests you then a route towards research in nanoscience is certainly not restricted to those entering the NPCAM degree programme, graduates of Chemistry or of Physics are equally well equipped to enter into nanoscience research. Thus you should definitely consider selecting the Science degree programme as your second preference, as this common entry can allow one to obtain degrees in either Physics or Chemistry.

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Last updated 12 September 2014