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Ioannis Polyzois
Associate Professor of Periodontology, Dental Science

Publications and Further Research Outputs

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Aoife M. O'Connor, Brenda A. McManus, Peter M. Kinnevey, Gráinne I. Brennan, Tanya E. Fleming, Phillipa J. Cashin, Michael O'Sullivan, Ioannis Polyzois, and David C. Coleman. , Significant enrichment and diversity of the staphylococcal arginine catabolic mobile element ACME in Staphylococcus epidermidis isolates from subgingival peri-implantitis sites and periodontal pockets, Frontiers in Microbiology. , 9, (1558), 2018, p1 - 15 Journal Article, 2018

Renvert S, Polyzois I. , Treatment of pathologic peri-implant pockets. , Periodontology 2000, 76, (1), 2018, p180 - 190 Journal Article, 2018 DOI


Logien Al Ghazal, Jeffery O'Sullivan, Noel Claffey, Ioannis Polyzois, Comparison of two different techniques used for the maintenance of peri-implant soft tissue health: a pilot randomized clinical trial, Acta Odontologica Scandinavica, 75, (7), 2017, p542 - 549 Journal Article, 2017

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Winning L, Polyzois I, Nylund K, Kelly A, Claffey N, A placebo-controlled trial to evaluate an anesthetic gel when probing in patients with advanced periodontitis., Journal of Periodontology, 83, (12), 2012, p1492-8 Journal Article, 2012

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Claffey N, Polyzois I, Ziaka P, An overview of nonsurgical and surgical therapy, Periodontology 2000, 36, 2004, p35-44 Journal Article, 2004

Non-Peer-Reviewed Publications

Ioannis Polyzois, Implants in the aesthetic zone, Postgraduate dental education programme, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI), 24th of March, 2018 Invited Talk, 2018

Ioannis Polyzois, Importance of keratinized tissues around implants: can they help in the prevention of peri-implant diseases? , CED-IADR/NOF Oral Health Research Congress, Vienna, Austria , Sep 21-23, 2017, 2017, IADR Invited Talk, 2017

Ioannis Polyzois, Regeneration of peri-implantitis defects-is it possible?, 2nd EFP Perio Master Clinic focused on Peri-implantitis. , Valletta, Malta, March 3-4. 2017, 2017, EFP Invited Talk, 2017

Ioannis Polyzois, Prevention and treatment approaches to periimplant mucositis. Design of clinical trials., Pan European IADR meeting , Helsinki, Finland, 13-15 September 2012, 2012, IADR Invited Talk, 2012

Ioannis Polyzois, Introduction to dental Implants, CDE Course UCC, Cork, Rep of Ireland, 24th of April 2012, 2012, UCC Invited Talk, 2012

Ioannis Polyzois, An Investigation of the influencing factors on life long learning attitudes, General Session of the International Association of Dental Research (IADR) , Miami FL, USA, 1-4 April 2009, 2009 Oral Presentation, 2009

Research Expertise


Dental education; DENTAL IMPLANTOLOGY; Oral and Maxillofacial surgery; Oral clinical research; Oral microbiology; Peri-implantitis; PERIODONTITIS



Journal of the Irish Dental Association: Editorial board 2007-2017

Journal of Disability and Oral Health: Reviewer

Reviewer (ad hoc) in scientific journals:Journal of Clinical Periodontology, Journal of Periodontology, Cochrane Collaboration, International Journal of Experimental Pathology, Acta Odontologica Scandinavica, Journal of Dental Research, Journal of Dentistry, Quintessence International, Clinical Oral Implants Research, Journal of Biomedical Materials Research : Part B-Applied Biomaterials. European Journal of Dental Education. International Journal of Dental Hygiene. Clinical Implant Dentistry and Related Research. Journal of the Irish Dental Association

Awards and Honours

Best published article in Hellenic Dental Journal for 2007.Synodinos PN, Polyzois IN, Vougiouka O, Current concepts on dental health and Orthodontic treatment of patients with juvenile idiopathic (rheumatoid) arthritis, Hellenic Dental Journal, 17, 2007, p27 - 38, Dec 2007


Member of the Irish Society of Periodontology (ISP) 2003 – present

Member of the Association of Dental Education in Europe (ADEE) 2005 – 2011

Member of the European Federation of Periodontology (EFP) 2005 – present

Member of the International Association for Dental Research (IADR) 2005 – present

Hellenic Society of Periodontology 2004 – 2007