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Trinity's Tobacco Policy

Trinity's smoking policy, adopted by Board in 2011 is available here.

Since April 2013 to March 2016, Trinity explored how Trinity's tobacco policy could be changed. The process included an investigation into become a tobacco free campus, installing smoking shelters on a temporary or permanent basis and implementing tobacco free zones. An outline of the process to date is below. The process was guided in part by this document from the National Center for Tobacco Policy in the US.

Healthy Trinity: Tobacco Policy Group

The Tobacco Policy Group is a sub-group of the University Safety Committee. It is chaired by Dr. David McGrath, the director of the College Health Service. Other members of the Group include representation from the office of the Registrar, the Students Union, the Graduate Students Union, Secretary's Office, College Safety, the Department of Public Health & Primary Care, the School of Dental Sciences, Staff Unions, Human Resources and Health Promotion.

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