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TSM Patterns

Organisation of Two Subject Moderatorship Course

TSM is a cross-faculty course with subjects in the two faculties in College. Whilst all specific subject information is administered by individual departments the TSM office oversees the general management of the course and organises the publication of exam results. The TSM Management Committee, including student representatives, meets at least once a term. College regulations are set out in The University Calendar.

Patterns within TSM

The majority of TSM subjects are available only in Pattern B combinations but some (Economics, History, Geography, German, Maths, Philosophy & Sociology) are also available in certain Pattern A combinations. A full list of the subject combinations is available from The University Calendar or the link below.

  • Pattern A: students study both subjects for four years and their degree results are based on examinations taken in the Senior Sophister (fourth) year.
  • Pattern B: students study both subjects for three years and only one subject in the Senior Sophister (fourth) year. Pattern B students are asked in Michaelmas Term of the Junior Sophister (third) year to choose their major subject.
  • Pattern C: students study both subjects for two years. Students may seek permission to take part in an exchange with another institution in one subject only. Study in the other subject is terminated in the Senior Freshman (second) year. Students apply for permission to transfer to Pattern C in Trinity Term of their Senior Freshman year.

This section lists the courses which may be studied under the Two Subject Moderatorship program. Please click here for information on individual subjects and permitted course combinations.

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