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Sophister Pattern & Major/Minor Choices

Deadline for submitting Choice: Friday 15 December 2017

All TSM Junior Sophister students must choose their Pattern (where relevant), and if Pattern B, their Major and Minor subjects, by the end of Michaelmas term, which is Friday 15 December 2017. Please make sure you have read the important information below before submitting your choice. Please complete the form relevant to you (A or B) and ensure you complete your form correctly.





Check your eligibility, get information etc

Some TSM subjects have pre-requisites or JS module requirements for those intending to major in their subject. Please also see our web pages on Independent Project and Dissertation Requirements. It is your responsibility to check with your department(s) if any of these issues, or any other issues, affect your eligibility for your choice, prior to submitting your choice. If you need further general information before making a decision you could contact your department(s), check your subject course handbook, the Careers Advisory Service, your Tutor, etc.


TSM Patterns A and B

PATTERN A Both subjects are studied equally for all four years and degree results are based on examinations taken in the Senior Sophister (fourth) year.
PATTERN B Both subjects are studied equally for the first three years, and one subject only (the Major subject) is studied in the SS year. Degree results are based on examinations taken in the Junior Sophister (third) and Senior Sophister (fourth) years.

Pattern A or B?

If you are on one of the the following combinations you can choose either Pattern A or B:

Pattern A Combinations
Economics and Geography, German, Mathematics, Philosophy or Sociology
Geography and Economics, German, History, Mathematics, Philosophy, or Sociology
German and Economics, Geography, Jewish & Islamic Civilisations, or World Religions & Theology
History and Geography
Jewish & Islamic Civilisations and German
Mathematics and Economics, Geography, or Philosophy
Philosophy and Economics Geography, Mathematics, or Sociology
Sociology and Economics, Geography, or Philosophy
World Religions & Theology and German

Pattern B Only
If you are not on one of the above combinations then you MUST take Pattern B and must choose your major and minor subjects.

TSM Sophister Exam Regulations

Information on all Examination regulations for TSM students are available at the TSM Examination Regulations page.

Detailed examination regulations for each of the sophister years are available at the Junior Sophister and Senior Sophister webpages.

Important - Supplemental Examinations/Assessments in the Sophister years:

Junior Sophister Year: Pattern A students are eligible. Pattern B students are not eligible.

Senior Sophister Year, all Patterns: Senior Sophister students in all patterns are not eligible for supplemental examinations/assessment.

Degree Title and Weightings

Degree Title: TSM students on either Pattern A or B, who successfully complete the SS year achieve the degree 'Bachelor in Arts (Moderatorship (B.A. with honors)) in Subject X and Subject Y'.

Degree Weightings:

Pattern A The Overall Degree is calculated on the SS year only, both subjects are weighted equally.

  SS   SS Overall Degree Result
Subject 1 50% Subject 2 50% 100%

Pattern B Overall Degree is based on JS and SS results in both the Minor and Major Subjects. The JS year accounts for 50% of the degree, with both subjects are weighted equally. The SS year accounts for the remaining 50%. The Minor Subject is 25% and the combined Major Subject is 75% of the Overall Degree result.

Minor Subject JS Major Subject JS SS Major Subject JS + SS Overall Degree Result
Subject 1 25% Subject 2 25% 50% 75% 100%

JS Erasmus/Study Abroad

JS 2017/18 students on a full year or MT only exchange, should have already submitted their choice form. If you haven't submitted a form yet please contact us as a matter of urgency. JS 2017/18 students who will participate in a Hilary Term half year exchange may submit their form now, if they haven't done so already.

SF 2017/18 students intending on participating in an Erasmus or Study Abroad (Non-EU) exchange in their JS year in 2018/19 should submit their form to TSM by the last day of Hilary Term 2017/18, Friday 6 April 2018. Further information and links to the forms will be emailed to all SF students in Hilary Term 2018.

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Choice Approval and Deadline

Following the deadline for submission of choices the TSM Course Office will seek departmental approval for each students choice. Please check your subject requirements carefully before submitting your choice. If a department does not give approval for your choice, due to module choice or pre-requisite reasons etc, you will be informed in January 2018. Students submitting their choice forms after the 15 December 2017 deadline will not be guaranteed their choice.

Change Request

There will be a change request facility which aims to assist TSM students who, for exceptional reasons, wish to request a change in their choice. IMPORTANT: NO change requests in the change request period are guaranteed! All such change requests are subject to departmental approval, based on issues such as timetabling, module choice and pre-requisite modules, preparation of module choices for SS and departmental SS planning issues etc. Information on the change request process and links to the Change Request forms is available on our Change Request page (This option is not available at this time of year).

Further Information - Extract from College Calendar

Choice of pattern and pattern B major/minor subject

19 All Junior Sophister students must choose their pattern (where relevant), and if pattern B, their major and minor subjects, not later than the last day of Michaelmas term in the Junior Sophister year. Students who are participating in a Junior Sophister exchange must choose their pattern (where relevant) and if pattern B, their major and minor subjects not later than the last day of Hilary term in the Senior Fresh year. This choice must meet with the approval of both schools or departments.

University Calendar, Part II Undergraduate Studies, Part C 2, Two-subject moderatorship courses, no. 19, "Choice of pattern and pattern B major/minor subject

Any Queries?

If you have any queries please email Elaine or Andrea on or call into the TSM Course Office, Room 3135, Arts Building.

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