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TSM Sophister Independent Project / Dissertation Requirements

Junior and Senior Sophister students effective from 2017/18 onwards

TSM regulation for Junior and Senior Sophister students from 2017/18 onwards:

All TSM Sophister students must complete a piece of independent research work in one of their final two years (Junior and Senior Sophister years) in the form of a project or dissertation. This piece of work may constitute either part or all of a module’s assessment requirement. Further details are available on the TSM website at

TSM general rationale for the regulation:

TSM Sophister students:

  1. are required to ensure that they satisfy the requirement in either of their Sophister years;
  2. may complete the requirement in either of their Subjects and are not required to complete it in both Subjects; and
  3. may complete the requirement more than once, depending on module choices in the Sophister years.

TSM subjects are required to ensure that all TSM Sophister students in all Patterns, may satisfy the requirement in their subject in either or both of the Junior Sophister or Senior Sophister years.
In addition:
Pattern A: TSM subjects that offer Pattern A must ensure that all Pattern A students may satisfy the requirement in their subject. Students who participate in a Junior Sophister exchange must satisfy the requirement in their Senior Sophister year. No student should be required to take a compulsory dissertation module in both subjects and therefore Senior Sophister dissertation modules must be optional for Pattern A students.
Pattern B: Most TSM Subjects in Pattern B have a compulsory module in the Senior Sophister year which satisfies this requirement.  
Pattern C: Students are required to complete this requirement in the Senior Sophister year in the one subject only studied in that year.

List of all TSM Subject details and qualifying modules:

Please click on the pdf link below to access your subject details. Please note there may be more than one line entry for your Subject. This is to allow for different requirements based on pattern or sophister year. The list shows the relevant year, pattern, qualifiying modules, whether or not the module(s) are compulsory or optional and any further information.

Subject details and qualifying modules pdf.

Further Information:

If you have any queries regarding module or subject requirements please contact your department.

If you have any general regulation or course queries please contact the TSM Course Office.

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