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Supplemental & Erasmus/Study Abroad Examinations 2015

Dates of Examinations and Timetable

The examinations will take place between Monday 31 August 2015 and Friday 11 September 2015. The onus lies on each student to establish the time and dates of examinations by checking their exam timetable on the portal, under the My Exams menu option.

Publication Date: Monday 21 September 2015 at 6.00pm

Exam results will be published to the portal

Breakdown of Results

Exam breakdown results will be published to the portal

The TSM Course Office will NOT give out results over the telephone or by e-mail

Key to grades and results
I = first class, 70% and above
II.I = second class first division, 60-69%
II.2 = second class second division, 50-59%
III = third class, 40-49%
F1 = fail, 30-39%
F2 = fail, 0-29%

Repeating the Year and Transfers

Students with concerns about their results are advised to contact their tutor in the first instance as soon as possible. Students permitted to repeat the year are required to repeat both subjects in full.
Students receiving results which indicate ‘May Repeat Year with Transfer out of SUBJECT’ are advised to contact their tutors as soon as possible to apply to transfer to either another TSM combination or another College course. All transfers are subject to the normal regulations and are processed, via your tutor, by the Admissions Office.

Academic Appeals

The deadline for submission of TSM appeals is 10.00am on Wednesday, 23 September 2015. All TSM appeals must be submitted electronically to the TSM Course Office via your College tutor. No appeals will be accepted after this deadline. The date of TSM Court of First Appeal meeting is Thursday 24 September 2014.

Registration for the Academic Year 2015/16

All continuing undergraduate students are required to register online via Access will be provided to the web portal using your existing username and password. Students intending on participating in an exchange programme in 2015/16 must also fully register online. Students who have general enquiries regarding their College registration should contact the Academic Registry.

Further information is available in the College Calendar, Two-Subject Moderatorship courses and General Regulations and Information.

If you have any queries please contact

Last updated 10 April 2015 by Two Subject Moderatorship (Email).