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TSM Examination Regulations

TSM students are governed by the College, TSM Course, and TSM Subject examination regulations. Official College regulations are published in the College Calendar each year. Each student’s module results are compiled for each of their TSM subjects at the departmental level. Following the Annual and Supplemental examinations they are forwarded to the TSM Course Office where each student’s results for both subjects are combined. The TSM subject results for each student are put before the relevant TSM Court of Examiners' meeting. Each TSM Subject/Department is represented and the meetings are chaired by the TSM Course Director. Following these meetings, the overall results for each subject, together with the TSM overall result for that examination is published on the portal The TSM Course Office does not give out results on the phone.

College Regulations and Information

College General Regulations and information: see College Calendar, Undergraduate Studies.

College Examination and Assessment information: Academic Registry - Examinations & Assessment website. Including information on student guidelines, timetables and dates, past papers, results etc.

TSM Course Examination and Progression Regulations

TSM General Regulations

The full official TSM Regulations on examinations and progression are available in the College Calendar Undergraduate Studies, Two-Subject Moderatorship Courses. A number of sections are included here.

Academic progress

20 To rise with their class students must (a) attend satisfactorily the lectures given in the subjects of their course each term, as required by the University Council, the school or department committees and the two - subject moderatorship management committee, (b) perform the prescribed exercises (essay, tutorial or practical work), (c) pass, in accordance with the two-subject moderatorship course regulations, the prescribed examinations in both subjects, and (d) meet special examination requirements as prescribed and published by each school or department. See also GENERAL REGULATIONS AND INFORMATION , section II.

General examination information and regulations

21 For information on assessments in each subject see CONTENT OF SUBJECTS . Grading scheme: Results for all examinations are published according to the following grades: I = 70 - 100, II 1 = 60 - 69, II 2 = 50 - 59, III = 40 - 49, F 1 = 30 - 39, F 2 = 0 - 29.

Annual examinations: Annual examinations are held during Trinity term. Assessment methods: All students taking the same module (that is enrolled under the same module code), in the same examination session, are assessed using the same method(s). Compensation scheme: Some modules or module components are non - compensatable, as specified by the relevant departments and schools. Subject to this, compensation of failed modules may be permitted as defined by College regulations, details of which are found in §§ 23 - 26 below.

Supplemental examinations: Supplemental examinations are held at the beginning of Michaelmas term in the Fresh years for all students, and in the Junior Sophister year for pattern A students. Students who pass their end of year examinations at the supplemental (or special) examination session and who are eligible to proceed to the next year will have their overall result recorded as ‘pass at supplemental’. There are no supplemental examinations in the Junior Sophister year for pattern B (and C) ; there are no supplemental examinations in the Senior Sophister year.

Re-assessment requirements: Candidates who are unsuccessful at the annual examination session will be re-assessed in failed modules during the supplemental examination session by taking such module components as required by the departmental or school regulations. Within the two - subject moderatorship course, an assessment component for a module may refer to an end-of -year examination, course work, class test, practical laboratory requirement, field trip requirement, oral and aural examination, where the assessment forms part or all of a specific module’s assessment requirement .

Absence from examination: Students who have been absent from any or all examinations without permission from the Senior Lecturer are governed by the regulations applying to students in the relevant years, §§ 23 - 26, in one or both subjects. Permission to repeat the year will normally be granted only to students who are considered to have made a serious attempt at their examinations, or who have been able to provide the Senior Lecturer with acceptable reasons for absence from examination

Repetition of year

22 Students who in any year have failed to satisfy any one or more of the conditions defined in § 19 will not, except as provided in GENERAL REGULATIONS AND INFORMATION , receive credit for the year. The two-subject moderatorship court of examiners may permit them to repeat the year, if they are entitled to do so (see GENERAL REGULATIONS AND INFORMATION , section II, and §§19 - 20 above and §§ 23 - 26 below ), or may exclude them from the subject(s).

23 Students granted permission to repeat the year are required to repeat both subjects in full. They must attend lectures and perform such exercises as may be required in both subjects in accordance with GENERAL REGULATIONS AND INFORMATION, unless exempted by the Senior Lecturer. For details see §§ 19 - 20 above and §§23 - 26 below .

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TSM Course Examination and Progression regulations for each standing

Junior Freshman
Senior Freshman
Junior Sophister
Senior Sophister

Information on the main Examination sessions is available at the TSM Annual Examinations and Supplemental Examinations web pages.

Information on TSM Compensation and Aggregation Regulations is available here.

Explanation of some non-standard exams result grades:

Grade Explanation


Erasmus/Study Abroad -Awaiting results

S P CP "Grade" Pass by Compensation with "Grade"

Qualified Fail

Defer to Sup

Permission to Defer to Supplemental Session MT 2016

Fail Abs Sub

Absent without Permission


Result Withheld

NQP-Res Abrd

Not Qualified to Proceed. Must Complete Residence Abroad Requirement.

TSM Subject Regulations

Each TSM subject has its own regulations governing issues which include course-work requirements, attendance, tests, course pre-requisites and annual and supplemental examinations and requirements for progression. All subjects should have a course handbook showing these regulations which may be available in the departmental office or online. Students should also check their subject notice-boards and email regularly for further information from their departments. Please select the web link to your relevant TSM Subject Departments for further information.

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