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TSM Junior Freshman Examination & Progression Regulations 2017/18

(i) General academic progress — see §§ 20-23 above.

(ii) Students must achieve an overall pass mark (grade III or above) in both subjects at the annual or supplemental examinations in the same academic year in order to pass the year overall and to proceed to the next year.

(iii) Students may pass the Junior Fresh year by compensation if they achieve an overall credit - weighted average mark of at least 40 per cent (grade III) in each subject, and either (a) pass outright modules totalling at least 25 credits in each subject and achieve a mark of at least 30 per cent in any failed module(s), or (b) pass all modules outright in one subject, and modules totalling at least 20 credits in the other subje ct, and achieve a mark of at least 35 per cent in any failed module(s). Some modules or module components in some subjects are non - compensatable.

(iv) Students who do not pass at the annual examination session, either outright or by compensation, must complete supplemental assessments in all modules in which they did not achieve a mark of at least 40 per cent (grade III).

(v) Students who fail one or both subjects at the annual examinations will be re-assessed in their failed modules during the supplement al examination session . Where required, course work must be re-submitted by the Friday before the supplemental examination period commences .

(vi) Students who fail in one or both subjects at the supplemental examination may be permitted to repeat the year in both subjects (subject to GENERAL REGULATIONS AND INFORMATION , section II, §§ 60 - 62) .

(vii) Students who are absent from any or all of their supplemental examinations without permission from the Senior Lecturer are excluded from the TSM course.

From College Calendar, Part II Undergraduate Studies, Two-Subject Moderatorship Courses

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