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The following paragraph is an extract from College Calendar, General Regulations. For further information please consult the full regulation.

   17 All students should enter into residence in or near Dublin and must begin attendance at the College not later than the first day of teaching term, and may not go out of residence before the last day of teaching term, unless they have previously obtained permission from the Senior Lecturer through their tutor.

Non-satisfactory attendance and course work

If you do not fulfill the requirements for your course regarding attendance and course work (Consult your course hand-book!), you may be returned as 'Non-Satisfactory" (N.S.). If your hand-book does not state specific requirements, you may be returned as Non-Satisfactory if you miss more than a third of your classes/lectures or fail to submit a third of the required course-work in any term.

If you have received an N.S., you should contact your tutor so that any mitigating circumstances such as illness or personal difficulties can be taken into account and, if appropriate, the NS return will be cancelled. Remember that discussions with your tutor are strictly confidential.

If you are returned as Non-Satisfactory twice in the same year, you may be refused permission to sit your annual examination and you may be required to repeat the year. Whatever the reason for your non-attendance or your non-submission of work, it is therefore important that you contact your Tutor when you are returned N.S. so that you may avail of the support you may require.

The following paragraphs are extracts from College Calendar, General Regulations:

   25 All students must fulfil the course requirements of the school or department, as appropriate, with regard to attendance and course work. Where specific requirements are not stated, students may be deemed non-satisfactory if they miss more than a third of their course of study or fail to submit a third of the required course work in any term.

26 At the end of the teaching term, students who have not satisfied the school or department requirements, as set out in §§19, 24 and 25 above, may be reported as non-satisfactory for that term. Students reported as non-satisfactory for the Michaelmas and Hilary terms of a given year may be refused permission to take their annual examinations and may be required by the Senior Lecturer to repeat their year. Further details of procedures for reporting a student as nonsatisfactory are given on the College website at academic-progress/attendance-course-work.php

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