Security advice for residences

Ensure that your doors and windows are secured whenever your room is unattended and when retiring to bed for the night. Those occupying ground floor residences should pay particular attention to this advice.

Lock your room or flat doors when using the kitchen, showers or toilets.

When entering main doors to Houses be careful of strangers trying to enter with you. Be inquisitive - enquire off them who they are visiting. If you are not satisfied with their reply or you are suspicious of them, report the matter immediately to College Security.

Ensure that the house main door is secured after enter or leaving. Report to College Security, any strangers or suspicious characters loitering in house corridors.

Do not tag your key with your name or residence number. Never lend out your keys. If you lose your keys report the matter immediately to the Accommodation Office or College Security.

Do not advertise your absence by putting notes on your doors e.g. to friends or visitors stating that you are away. Nor should you pin notes or messages to other resident's doors. These are indicators that the occupiers are away from their rooms. Do not inform strangers of any unattended rooms.

Doorbell names should consist of first name initial and surname. Never us Christian name or title i.e. Mr, Ms.


Avoid having large amounts of money or valuables in your rooms

Keep items of value and money out of sight if occupying ground floor residences.

Record the serial numbers of items bearing them and mark property with an indelible pen or by using tipex. Marked property is hard to dispose of and criminals usually ignore it.

Record the serial numbers of bicycles (may be required for insurance purposes). Invest in good quality bicycle locks.

Lock your bicycle properly by securing the lock, through the frame and wheel, on the cycle rack.

Report to College Security anybody you see acting in a suspicious manner in or around parked bicycles.


If possible, avoid travelling alone after dark.

Confine your walking to well lighted and regularly traveled routes in College.

Report any lighting out of action to College Security.

Report anything which could be deemed a safety hazard i.e. open manhole or drain cover, unprotected road works, obstructed pathways etc.

Report to College Security any suspicious persons or activities which you may come across.


You can play your part by:

BEING AWARE of your vulnerability and following the suggestions which have just been outlined.

BEING ALERT for suspicious or criminal activity or hazardous conditions.

GETTING INVOLVED by becoming more security conscious and by the immediate reporting of all incidents of suspicious activity to College Security.


SECURITY BASE is located at FRONT GATE and is staffed over 24 HOURS - 7 DAYS A WEEK


College Security 1317


If calling from outside of College, use the prefix 896

When calling from outside the Dublin (01) area, or using a mobile phone, use the prefix 01 - 896 e.g. 01 - 896 - 1317