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Online Applications for the Dean of Students Roll of Honour 2014 are now closed. However volunteering that you participate in between now and the end of March 2015 may contribute to next year's application.

Any queries in relation should be directed to

The support of the Alumni Office in the development of the online application is gratefully acknowledged. The application process uses the Front Gate Online website through which current students may also register for a Career Network service in order to search and view profiles for alumni who have joined the Career Network. Completing the Roll of Honour Application Form does not in itself register you for any Front Gate Online services or communications.

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Dean of Students' Roll of Honour FAQs

Where can I get an accessible version of the application?

Please email for an accessible form, or call +353 1 896 2864.

Do volunteering hours undertaken prior to registration in Trinity count?

No, only hours since you were a registered student in Trinity College Dublin count towards the 20 hours required.

My course requires me to volunteer. Does this count towards the required number of hours?

Hours undertaken as part of an academic course requirement or credit-bearing service experience are not eligible for the purposes of the Roll of Honour

Can I save the information on the form and return to it later?

Unfortunately, the software does not support saving and returning and thus the form must be completed in one sitting.  It is recommended that you prepare and save your answers in a separate document and refer to that as you complete the form.

Can I use more than one volunteering activity to apply to the Roll of Honour?

You will need to choose just one of your activities to apply for the Roll of Honour. It is recommended to choose the activity which you feel has resulted in the most learning. Selecting one of your activities should allow you to respond more fully to the questions asked within the allocated space. The 20 hour minimum commitment must be fulfilled within the activity for which you are applying.

I was previously included on the Roll of Honour. Can I apply again?

We welcome returning applicants but you must be very clear in your application about how your learning has progressed this year.

The organisation I volunteered with is overseas. How can I get my form signed?

Please contact for further information on organising signed forms from overseas.

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Last updated 27 March 2014 Civic Engagement (Email).