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Geology Trip to Andes

The Geology Department staff and students are engaged in a fundraising challenge.

four people on stationary bikes

The Geology students of Trinity College Dublin are cycling the length of the Andes in Argentina to raise funds for a field school in Argentina! That’s about 5,000 km on a bike. 

We’re hoping to fund a world-class field school for Trinity geologists, aiming to integrate all strands of geoscience by investigating geological problems in the Argentine Precordillera. The South American mountain range abuts the Andes – one of the earth’s youngest and most active ranges, making it one of the most interesting in geological terms. This region is an ideal natural laboratory for researching volcanoes, plate tectonics, and mountain emergence and erosion. The school offers an outstanding opportunity to put together the the techniques and concepts we have acquired over our degrees, and advance our skills in field data collection, integration and interpretation. The Precordillera contains a remarkable geological history, and this is a one-time occasion for these Irish students to put their skills to the test on the other side of the world. But we only have 8 weeks to make it happen!

The field school will be a joint venture with students and colleagues from Washington University in St. Louis (USA) and Universidad de Córdoba (Argentina). This international field trip will pair students from around the world to learn and work together.  This joint venture may not happen again, so this is our chance!

Ours is a team effort: the funding will ensure that all of our class can afford the trip –  all or nothing. We go only if we can raise funds so that the entire class can make the trip. Funds will subsidise our flights and truck rental whilst in the field, and will create the capstone to the undergraduate experience. Our cycling efforts represent our team spirit and dedication to making this happen. Please donate to support us!

Look out for other fundraising events in and around the Museum Building over the next 8 weeks! These will be advertised our Facebook and Twitter accounts.

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