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We Volunteer! Nationwide Exhibition of HEI Volunteering 2011

October 2010

To celebrate the European Year of Volunteering 2011, Trinity College is working with other HEIs across the island of Ireland to produce a collaborative mobile photographic exhibition sponsored by Campus Engage."We Volunteer!" which will feature volunteers from across Higher Education in Ireland. "We Volunteer!" will serve to highlight and promote student volunteering throughout 2011.

The photographic exhibition, "We Volunteer!" will be hosted at a number of locations nationwide (e.g. College campuses, key conferences and events) as well as at European locations. "We Volunteer!" is a great opportunity to showcase the wealth and diversity of volunteering thereby acknowledging the tremendous contribution students make within their communities. The exhibition is also an exciting way to share the myriad of benefits which volunteers gain from thwir experince and to their peers to volunteer.


"We Volunteer!" will:

  • Celebrate, acknowledge and recognise the contribution of student volunteers .
  • Generate a shared connection for student volunteers across Ireland and Europe .
  • Provide an impetus for others to investigate voluntary opportunities for themselves.

Get involved with "We Volunteer!"

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