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Spend a year Volunteering around the world for RTÉ

July 1 2010

RTÉ is looking for 2 volunteers to send around the world working on different charity projects in some of the most challenging areas of the globe and in order to find these volunteers we are taking applications from anyone aged between 18 and 80 who has a passion for helping others and pushing themselves to the absolute limit.

This new show is putting out a call for aspiring volunteers from all walks of life. People who are ready to put their lives on hold for a year and travel to some of the most challenging places on earth. 80 volunteers will be selected to attend a weekend volunteer camp in Ireland, where they will work together on a large-scale project. Experts from volunteering and aid organisations will monitor their progress. Of these, 16 will be invited to join The Volunteer Project and spend 8 weeks challenging themselves in the areas of leadership, adaptability, resourcefulness, robustness, organisational and planning skills, amongst others.

At the end of each challenge the volunteers themselves will decide which girl and which guy will leave the show. Their decisions will be based on performance and advice from guiding experts.The two winners will get to travel- all expenses paid- to some of the most underdeveloped area's in the world where they will work on aid projects like building schools in Africa, protecting endangered turtles in Costa Rica and working with orphaned street children in Calcutta.

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