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Postgraduate Outreach Module in Chemistry

As part of the Dublin Chemistry postgraduate activities, a new outreach module (2.5 Credits) is available to PhD candidates from both TCD and UCD. Small teams of 1-3 PhD students give brief presentations on their research and career in science to fourth and fifth year students in secondary schools.

Dublin Chemistry Graduate Programme LogoCurrently there are 4 teams with a total of 9 students enrolled. Presentations last up to 30 min and depending on teachers requirements or preferences, one or two presentations may be given at a time. The presentation includes scientific experiments/ demonstrations as well as Q&As and informal interaction with students.

Structure of postgraduate students' presentations:

  • How I got involved in chemistry, how I got involved in my project.
  • What is the BIG idea behind my project.
  • What is my day to day like.
  • Demonstration: targeting one or two concepts that connect to the research project.

Objectives for postgraduate students:

  • Develop communication skills.
  • Learn how to present an advanced topic in a clear and interesting fashion.
  • Learn to place their research in a broader societal context.
  • Gain awareness of the knowledge level of students in secondary schools.

Envisioned benefits for high school students:

  • Learning about career options in science.
  • Learning how science connects to technology and broader societal needs.
  • Connecting their science curriculum to technological/environmental problems.

Download the module descriptor here (DOC 42KB)

School of Chemistry Contacts:

Dr Paula Colavita (colavitp[at]

Prof. John Kelly (jmkelly[at]

Dr. Andrew Phillips (School of Chemistry and Chemical Biology, University College Dublin andrew.phillips[at]

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