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Trinity College Dublin

The Medieval Migration Project
Director: Dr Seán Duffy e-mail
Researcher: Mr James Walmsley e-mail

This project explores the cultural impact of migration to Ireland from time of the Anglo-Norman invasion to the end of the fifteenth century. Its primary aim is to look beyond the standard political and administrative histories of ‘colonial Ireland’ to provide a more in-depth analysis of culture and society in this period. How far did migrants to Ireland from England, Scotland and Wales maintain their native language, customs and social structures in the face of both native Irish influences and the steady stream of more recent settlers and administrators? To what extent did these represent a set of fossilized traditions or an aping of contemporary British and European trends? And how did the colony survive as a cultural entity as it retreated both politically and geographically in the later part of the medieval period?

Contact: CISS Last updated: Feb 12 2008.