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Professor Guy Rowlands (St Andrews)

Monday, 18 February in the Neill Theatre in the Long Room Hub at 17:00

A TCD Centre for Early Modern History seminar

Abstract: What is the relationship between war, finance and the rise and fall of great powers? Focusing upon France under Louis XIV, this paper casts a critical eye over ideas about why great powers decline. Engaging with the debate about the ‘fiscal-military state’ and political science notions of great powers, it argues that Paul Kennedy’s model of strategic and economic overextension does hold up to a certain extent, but that historians have consistently ignored the problems caused by the transfer of resources for war. As the case of Louis XIV’s France shows, geopolitical circumstances could therefore be more damaging for a state than merely the colossal diversion of productive resources into war.”

Research Seminar: 'Photographic Encounters: British, German, and Africans in the First World War'
Dr Daniel Steinbach (University of Exeter)
Monday, 5 November 2018, at 5.30 pm Arts Building, Room 6009 (Level 6)

Research Seminar: 'Spain and the Colonial War in Morocco, 1909-1927'
Alfonso Bermúdez Mombiela (PhD candidate, University of Zaragoza)
Tuesday, 13 November 2018, at 5.30 pm, Arts Building, Room 5039 (Level 5)

Annual Holocaust Memorial Lecture
Inside Auschwith: Lived Exerience and the Holocaust

Professor Nikolaus Wachsmann (Birkbeck College, University of London)
Tuesday 12 February, 19:30, Burke Theatre, TCD

The Centre for War Studies is pleased to announce that Professor Heather Jones (University College London) will be our guest as Visiting Professor in October.

Research Seminar: 'Victory and Grief: How the British monarchy shaped the commemoration of the First World War, 1918-1922'

Monday, 8 October, 5.30 pm, Room 5039, Arts Building (please note the change of venue)

Heather Jones has just been appointed Professor in Modern and Contemporary European History at University College London; previously, she was Associate Professor in International History at the London School of Economics and Political Science. Heather works on war cultures 1880-1945. Her main research expertise is on the First World War. She is a particular specialist in prisoner of war studies; her first monograph, Violence Against Prisoners of War in the First World War in Britain, France and Germany 1914-1920 was published with Cambridge University Press (hardback 2011; paperback 2013). She has co-edited two books, three special journal editions and two sections of Cambridge University Press's 2014 History of the First World War, 3 vols (editor-in-chief Jay Winter). Her forthcoming monograph is on the British monarchy and the First World War and is due to be published with Cambridge University Press in 2019. Heather is a graduate of Trinity College Dublin where she did both her BA and PhD.

We acknowledge the support of the Visiting Professorships and Fellowships Benefaction Fund, Trinity College Dublin, and the Trinity Long Room Hub.

Report and Podcasts from The "Languages at War" Workshop

In Light of the Very Successful and Fruitful One-Day Workshop:'Enmity, Loyalty, Nation and Empire: Languages in the Great War'Co-Organised by the Centre for War Studies and Dr Tamara Scheer of the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Social Science History, we have made this report of the proceedings available.

Centre for War Studies Director's Report, 2013-14

The annual Director's report, outlining activities of the Centre for War Studies in the academic year 2013-14, can be viewed here.


The Academic World in the Era of the Great War

The Centre for War Studies hosted a major international conference on 'The Academic World in the Era of the Great War' from 14 to 16 August, 2014. Co-organized with colleagues in Montreal, the conference saw twenty-seven speakers from eleven different countries discuss different ways in which scholarship, scholars, and academic disciplines engaged in the First World War and were shaped by it.

The conference was opened by the Provost of Trinity College Dublin, Dr. Patrick J. Prendergast, and his opening address can be viewed here.

A full report of the conference's proceedings can be viewed on the H-Soz-u-Kult website, here.

Dr. Tomas Irish, one of the conference organizers, discussed the conference, its themes, and its specific relationship to the history of Trinity College Dublin in a podcast for the Irish Humanities Alliance.


The First World War in European Children's Literature 1970-2014

The Trinity Long Room Hub, Trinity College Dublin, 27 June 2014

Building on recent research into literary constructions of childhood in the years leading up to and during the Great War, this event will focus on the processes at play in more recent literary production, investigating and comparing representations of the War in materials produced across Europe since the beginning of the so-called ‘post-memory’ period in the 1970s right up until the present day. The symposium will be held in English but we welcome international and comparative perspectives; a particular emphasis will be placed on the translation and transnational reception of children’s war literature.   A writers’ and practitioners’ panel will also reflect on the process of mediating the War to children through literature and theatre.

Full programme and registration details available at

Visiting Research Fellow

The Centre is delighted to announce that Dr. Tamara Scheer, of the Ludwig Boltzmann-Institut für Historische Sozialwissenschaft in Vienna, will be a visiting research fellow at the CWS from January 20th until January 31st. As part o her stay Dr. Scheer will be presenting a seminar paper, entitled‘The Hope for Unification and the Fear of Disintegration: the Effect of Multilingualism in the Habsburg Army (1868-1918)’ at the CWS seminar on January 23rd, at 4pm in the TRIARC seminar room.

Call for Papers for an International Workshop on ‘Small Nations and Colonial Peripheries in World War I: Europe and the Wider World’, National University of Ireland, Galway, Friday 13th-Saturday 14th June 2014

Full details can be found here.


New Research Project: Making War, Mapping Europe. Militarized Cultural Encounters, 1792-1920

Before the age of mass tourism began, warfare was one of the most significant engines of cultural encounter in European history. Across Europe and on its frontiers, the era of mass armies inaugurated by the French Revolution involved millions of soldiers and civilians in cultural encounters to which they would not otherwise have been exposed. Funded by the Humanities in the European Research Area (HERA) Joint Research Programme, 'Making War, Mapping Europe: Militarized Cultural Encounters, 1792-1920' brings together scholars from Trinity College Dublin, the Freie Universität Berlin and the Universities of York and Swansea to examine these encounters between soldiers and civilians across Europe and on its borders over the course of the long nineteenth century.

Full details can be found here.


Centre for War Studies Hilary Term Seminar Schedule

Full details can be found here.

The First World War in European Children's Literature, 1970-2014:

This one day international symposium will take place at the Trinity Long Room Hub on June 27th, 2014. Full details here.

Europe's Violent Memories:

This new three-year series of public lectures delivered by eminent international scholars in different disciplines such as history, literary and film studies, and memory studies, will explore how war, its traumas and its contested memories have proved pivotal to the formation of European identites in the 20th century.

The series is being co-organized by the Centre for War Studies (School of Histories and Humanities), the Centre for European Studies (School of Languages, Literatures and Cultural Studies) in association with the Trinity Long Room Hub. It will adopt a different focus each year.

In 2013-14, the centenary of the First World War, the series will explore the nature and legacy of that conflict down to the present. The focus in 2014-15, the seventieth anniversary of 1945, will be on the extreme violence of the Second World War and the ways in which this has shaped subsequent European memories and identities. The final year, 2015-16, will re-examine the legacies of the Easter Rising at its centenary and of Ireland's revolutionary decade more generally. It will seek to locate the founding decade of modern Ireland in the context of Europe and the non-European world over the last hundred years, including inter-war Eastern Europe, post-1945 decolonization and Norther Ireland during the 'Troubles.'

Dr Edward Madigan, Lecturer in Public History and First World War Studies, Royal Holloway, University of London:
"An Irish Louvain": Memories of 1914 and the Moral Climate in Britain during the Irish War of Independence
Thursday, 8 March at 6pm, Classics Seminar Room, Level 6, Arts Building

Professor Filipe Ribeiro de Meneses MRIA, Maynooth University, and Robert McNamara, University of Ulster:
The White Redoubt, the Great Powers and the Struggle for Southern Africa, 1960–1980
Thursday, 15 March at 6 pm, Classics Seminar Room, Level 6, Arts Building

Final conference of the HERA project: Making War, Mapping Europe.
2-4 June 2016: 'Peripheral Visions: European Soldiers and Cultural Encounters in the Long Nineteenth Century.'

Workshop 26-27 April 2016:
'Reconstruction and Resettlement in the Wake of War: Global Perspectives in the 19th and 20th centuries.'
Organised by Dr Alex Dowdall (TCD) and Dr Pierre Purseigle (TCD/ Warwick).

Michaelmas Term 2015

26 September 2015: Hall of Honour Memorial.

Trinity College will unveil an inscribed memorial outside the Hall of Honour commemorating the staff and students of Trinity College Dublin who fought and died in the First World War, 11am Saturday 26 September, Front Square.

5 October 2015: Michael Broers (University of Oxford).

'From Conscripts to Conquerors: Napoleon's Grande Armée and the Making of a Masterpiece'. Synge Theatre, Arts Building, 7.30pm.

23-24 October: Conference - Globalising the History of Revolutions.

A two-day international conference organised by Dr Mark Jones of UCD. Keynote speakers are John Horne (TCD) and Stephen Smith (Oxford University).

29 October 2015: Paul Fox (University of York) and Fergus Robson (TCD). Making War, Mapping Europe bilateral seminar.

'Trophies, Loot, Relics or Souvenirs? Military Cultures of Acquisition in the Egyptian Sudan 1881-1898' and 'Conquerors and Collectors: French Soldiers' Spoils of War in Italy and Egypt, 1796-1801' TRIARC seminar room, 4pm.

30 November 2015: Phil McCluskey (University of Hull).

'France's Last Crusade? Louis XIV and the Ottoman Empire'. Seminar jointly organised with the Centre for Early Modern History. Neill Lecture Theatre in the Trinity Long Room Hub, 4pm.

3 December 2015: Pierre Purseigle (University of Warwick/TCD) and Alex Dowdall (TCD).

'Imagining Reconstruction in Western Europe during and after the First World War'. Joint seminar on frontline cities during WWI. Neill Lecture Theatre, the Trinity Long Room Hub, 4pm.

Hilary Term 2015

22 January 2015: Richard Overy (University of Exeter).

‘The Greater War? Writing the History of World War Two’. TRIARC Seminar room, 4pm.

3 February 2015: Dariusz Stola (Institute of Political Science, Polish Academy of Sciences).

‘Competing Victimhoods? How Poles and other Eastern Europeans commemorate their violent pasts.’ Europe's Violent Memories lecture, Trinity Long Room Hub, 6pm.

10 February 2015: David Cesarani (Royal Holloway College, University of London).

‘Friendly aliens, enemy aliens or just aliens? Britain and the Jews of Europe, 1939-1945'. Holocaust Memorial Lecutre, TCD Burke Theatre, 7:30pm.

19 February 2015: Jennifer Wellington (University College Dublin).

'"Authentic" Violence and Imperial Nationalism: Australian and Canadian War Exhibitions, 1917-1922'. TRIARC Seminar room, 4pm.

3 March 2015: Christopher Duggan (University of Reading).

‘The politics of forgetting and forgiving: Italian Fascism and the Second World War.’ Europe's Violent Memories lecture, Trinity Long Room Hub, Hoey Theatre, 6pm.

5 March 2015: Susan Grayzel (University of Mississippi).

'Did Women have a Great War?', Annual 'War in History' lecture, Synge Theatre, 7:30pm.

6 -7 March 2015: Unconventional Warfare: Guerrillas and Counter-Insurgency from Iraq to Antiquity

Guerrilla warfare, like the guerrilla himself, comes in many guises. Whether defined as la petite guerre, kleiner krieg, the now archetypal guerrilla, the more modern insurgency or the even more recent asymmetric warfare, the phenomenon of fast-moving, irregular forces employing hit-and-run tactics against a more orthodox army has been a constant of armed conflict from antiquity. This one-day workshop in the Centre for War Studies brings together scholars from Ireland, the UK, Europe and the US to trace the lived experience and historical representation of guerrilla warfare from the twentieth century to antiquity.
Further Details

24 March 2015: Jan C. Behrends (Centre for Contemporary Historical Research [ZZF], Potsdam).

‘The Post-Soviet space: memories and experience of violence from Afghanistan to Ukraine.’ Europe's Violent Memories lecture, Trinity Long Room Hub, Hoey Theatre, 6:00pm.

26 March 2015: 'Enmity, Loyalty, Empire and Nation: Languages in the Great War' International half-day workshop.

Trinity Long Room Hub and IIIS Seminar Room (Arts Building), 2pm – 8pm. The Centre for War Studies in conjunction with Dr. Tamara Scheer of the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute, University of Vienna present a workshop which brings together scholars working on the role of languages in crisis and war. The discussion will range across contexts and case studies in diffferent theatres of operation, both nation-states and multi-ethnic empires, focusing on a variety of communicative practises from interpretation to denunciation.

Michaelmas Term 2014

23 September 2014: William Mulligan (University College Dublin).

‘World War One: Structural causes or personal responsibilities?’
A lecture co-organised with the Dublin University History Society, Synge Theatre, 7.30pm.

2 October 2014: UCD Research Seminar (venue: K115, 4.30pm)

Martin Conway (Oxford): ‘Democracy without Leaders: The Collective Spirit of post-war West European Democracy, 1945-68.’
Balázs Apor (TCD): ‘Interpreting Stalinist Leader Cults in Post-War Eastern Europe.’

16 October 2014: UCD Research Seminar (venue: K115, 4.30pm)

Conor Mulvagh (UCD): ‘Scholars or subversives?: Indian law students in Dublin, 1913-16’.
Daragh J. Gannon (NUIM): ‘Reading revolution: British intelligence and the domestic threat of political violence.’

17 October - 18 October: Workshop, ‘Wars, Colonies and Cultural Encounters, 1789-1920.’

A workshop organized between the two HERA projects, Making War, Mapping Europe, in which the CWS is a participant, and Colonial Encounters in the Great War (project leader Dr Santanu Das, King's College, London). Venue to be confirmed.

30 October 2014: UCD Research Seminar (venue: K115, 4.30pm)

Steffen Werther (Sodertorn University, Sweden): ‘Volk, Race and the Greater Germanic Reich: The Danish Case.’
Geraldien Frijtag (NIOD Amsterdam): ‘Hitler’s Brudervolk. Dutch volunteers for the Germanization of the Nazi East.’

11 November 2014:  Pieter Lagrou (Université Libre de Bruxelles)

‘The ghosts of mid-century: violence, democracy and European memories since the Second World War.’ Europe’s Violent Memories Lecture, Trinity Long Room Hub, 6pm.

13 November 2014: UCD Research Seminar (venue: K115, 4.00pm)

Dr María Inés (CONICET) ‘South America and the First World War.’

27 November 2014: UCD Research Seminar (venue: K115, 4.30 pm)

Prof. Robert Gildea (Oxford): ‘Towards a transnational history of European resistance.’

Prof. Robert Gerwarth (UCD): 'Towards a transnational history of European collaboration.'

2 December 2014: Andrea Peto (Central European University, Budapest)

‘Sexual violence during World War Two: processes of “unsilencing.”’ Europe’s Violent Memories Lecture, Trinity Long Room Hub, 6pm.



Hilary Term 2014

Tuesday, January 21st:

  • Booklaunch by Patricia Clavin of Julia Eichenberg & Paul Newman (eds.), The Great War and Veterans’ Internationalism (Palgrave Macmillan, 2013) 5.3-7pm, Ideas Space, Trinity Long Room Hub.
  • Patricia Clavin (University of Oxford), Neill/Hoey Lecture Theatre, Trinity Long Room Hub, 7pm: ‘To Talk Peace in the Parables of War: The League of Nations after World War One.' Part of the Europe's Violent Memories lecture series.

Thursday, January 23rd:

  • Tamara Scheer (Ludwig-Boltzmann-Institut for Social Science History in Vienna), ‘The Hope for Unification and the Fear of Disintegration: the Effect of Multilingualism in the Habsburg Army (1868-1918)’.

Thursday, February 6th:

‘The Falklands/ Malvinas War of 1982: Politics and Experience’, a half day workshop co-organized with UCD Centre for War Studies. Neill/Hoey Lecture Room, Trinity Long Room Hub, 2.30pm-6pm.

  • Jimmy Burns. 'Argentina during the War.'
  • Ezekiel Mercau (UCD/Copenhagen), 'The Falklands War and the Debate on Empire'.
  • Aaron Donaghy (UCD), 'The British Government and the Falkland Islands, 1974-1979.'

Tuesday, February 18th:

Holocaust Memorial Lecture

  • Renée Poznanski (Holocaust Memorial Lecture): TCD Arts Building, Burke Theatre, 7.30pm. ‘Being Jewish in World War Two France’

Thursday, February 20th:


  • Mary Fulbrook (University College London) 'Legacies of the Holocaust' (title to be confirmed).

Tuesday, February 25th:

  • Annette Becker (Université de Paris Ouest-Nanterre-La Défense), Trinity Long Room Hub, 6pm. ‘Towards the Concept of Genocide (1915-1948): Raphael Lemkin and the Extermination of the Ottoman Armenians.’ Part of the Europe's Violent Memories lecture series.

Friday February 28th  - Saturday March 1st:

'From Sarajevo to Troy: Civilians and Siege Warfare.' A workshop from 2pm on Friday until midday Saturday. Trinity Long Room Hub,full details can be found here.

Wednesday, March 5th:


  • Gustavo Corni (University of Trento) ‘The Italian Army in Russia, 1941-43’. 4.30pm.

Thursday, March 13th:

  • Alan Donohue (TCD), 'Hitler as Military Commander: Operations in Southern Russia in 1942'.

Thursday, March 20th:


  • Roy Foster (University of Oxford): ‘The Irish Revolutionary Generation’, 4.30pm.

Thursday, March 27th:

  • Jay Winter (Yale University), Synge Theatre, TCD, 6pm ‘War and Martyrdom in the Twentieth Century.’ Part of the Europe's Violent Memories lecture series.

Thursday, April 3rd:

  • Catriona Kennedy (University of York), ‘British Soldiers as Travellers during the Napoleonic Wars.’

Tuesday, April 15th:

  • William Rosenberg (University of Michigan), Swift Theatre, TCD, 6pm. ‘Naturalizing Hobbes: Russia’s Violent “Life in Catastrophe” and its Legacies in Soviet Russia after the Civil War.’ Part of the Europe's Violent Memories lecture series.

Michealmas Term, 2013

Thursday, October 3rd:

  • John Horne (TCD): ‘Thoughts on the timeframes of the Great War.’

Tuesday, October 8th:

  • Robert Gerwarth (UCD): 'The Vanquished: Europe and the Aftermath of the Great War', Trinity Long Room Hub, 6pm. Part of the Europe's Violent Memories series.

Thursday, October 17th:

  • Fergus Robson (TCD): ‘La première battaillon de l'Aveyron: Volunteers and Deserters between Rodez and Ajaccio, 1791-1794.’

Thursday, October 31st :

Themed Session: Brutalisation/Political and Paramilitary Violence, 1917-21:

  • James Matthews (UCD): 'Bulwarks Against Bolshevism: The Counterrevolution in Spain, 1917-1923.'
  • Mark Jones (Irish Research Council Fellow, Centre for War Studies, UCD): ‘The false Rosa Luxemburg and other tales: violence, atrocities, and political mobilisation in the German Revolution of 1918-19.’

Tuesday, November 12th:

  • Michael Richards (University of the West of England): 'A Time of Silence? Legacies of the Civil War in Spain after Franco.' Trinity Long Room Hub, 6pm. Part of the Europe's Violent Memories series.

Thursday, November 14th:

  • Tomás Irish (TCD): ‘Allied Universities and Cultural Diplomacy during the Great War.’

Thursday, November 28th: Workshop and Annual Lecture: ‘The Great War in Africa.’           

Neill/Hoey Lecture Theatre, Trinity Long Room Hub, 2pm – 6pm.

  • James Kitchen (Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst): Egypt
  • John Horne (TCD): Algeria
  • Felipe Ribeiro de Meneses (NUIM): Portuguese Africa
  • David Killingray (emeritus, Goldsmiths, London): East Africa

Followed by Bill Nasson (Stellenbosch University), annual ‘War in History’ lecture:

‘Dominion with a Difference: South Africa and the Great War.’ Emmet Theatre, Arts Building, 7.30pm.

Thursday, December 12th:

Themed Session: Culture and Humanitarianism in the Cold War

  • Patrick Bernhard (UCD): ‘Towards a Cultural History of the Cold War.’
  • Kevin O’Sullivan (NUIG): ‘Diplomacy of the stomach: NGOs, humanitarianism and the Cold War.’


Holocaust Memorial Lecture 2013

5 February at 7:30pm
Prof. Jay Winter (Yale University)
“Primo Levi as Moral Witness of the Holocaust”
Burke Theatre, Arts Building, Trinity College Dublin

18 October 2012
Dr. Amedeo Osti Guerrazzi (German Historical Institute in Rome/University of Muenster) 
"Italian Counterinsurgency Warfare in Yugoslavia, 1941-43"

room A6.009 at 4pm

22 November 2012
Prof. Lucian Hoelscher (Ruhr-Universitaet Bochum )
"World War I as a 'Break' in the European History of the Twentieth Century"

room A6.009 at 3pm

6 December 2012
Dr. Patrick Bernhard (TCD)
"In the Shadow of El Alamein: Italian War Crimes and Jewish Persecution in North Africa During World War Two"

room A6.009 at 3pm

Friday, 8th – Saturday, 9th June 2012
Disability and Warfare in a Comparative Perspective

Two-day workshop organized by the Centre for War Studies, Trinity College Dublin

Workshop Programme


Thursday 5 April at 5.00pm
Dr. Clodagh Tait (Mary Immaculate College, University of Limerick/University of Essex ), '"In a very rage": Anger and Atrocity in Early Modern Ireland'

Room A.6009, Arts Building

Friday 30 March at 2.00pm
Dr. Javier Sanchez Rodrigo (Universidad Autònoma de Barcelona), ‘Fascistization and War, Spain 1936-39’

Room 3025, Arts Building

Thursday 22 March at 5.15pm
Prof. Perry Willson (University of Dundee), ‘The Nation in Uniform? Fascist Italy 1919-1943’
Room A.6009, Arts Building

Tuesday 13 March at 4.00pm
Prof. Ute Daniel
(Technische Universität Braunschweig), ‘Goebbels' Sportpalast speech (February 1943): a reinterpretation?’
Weingreen Museum seminar room, Arts Building

Thursday 8 March at 7.30pm
Centre for War Studies Annual Lecture ‘War in History’

Prof. Thomas Bartlett (University of Aberdeen) ‘Irish at War: From Savages to Soldiers?’
Room 3074, Arts Building, TCD

2 February

Holocaust Memorial Lecture

Prof. Richard J. Evans (University of Cambridge): 'How unique was the "Final Solution"?'

7.30 pm, Burke Theatre, Arts Building, TCD please see poster for details.

25 January

Centre for War Studies seminar

Prof. Charles Esdaile (University of Liverpool) 'The Spanish "little war": a re-appraisal' 4.15pm, room A.6009, Arts Building, TCD


15 December

Centre for War Studies seminar

Prof. Alan Kramer (TCD, Director of the Centre for War Studies) 'Economic Warfare and Blockades in the First World War' Seminar room (1st floor), Long Room Hub Building, TCD

8 December

Annual CWS 'War in History' Lecture

Professor Thomas Bartlett (University of Aberdeen): 'War in Irish History' 6.00pm, Robert Emmet Theatre, Arts Building, TCD

4 November

Centre for War Studies seminar/workshop

Concentration Camps in Colonial Warfare since 1918 10.00am, room A6009, Arts Building, TCD see programme for details

27 October

Centre for War Studies seminar

Dr. Raphaëlle Branche (Université de Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne) ‘Memories of the Algerian War’ 5.00pm, Neill/Hoey Lecture Theatre, Long Room Hub Building, TCD

1 April

CWS Seminar Series

Methodologies in the Study of War in the Twentieth Century Seminar 8: ‘Remembrance and Amnesia’: Tobias Temming (University of Münster), ‘Remembrance and Amnesia or Identity and Trauma? Visual History of anti-fascist Resistance in German and Dutch post-war Cinema, 1945 - 1965.’ Benjamin Möckel (University of Göttingen), ‘The Social Construction of Silence in Post- World War Two Germany.’ 14.00-16.00 Long Room Hub Seminar Room, TCD

25 March

CWS Seminar Series

Methodologies in the Study of War in the Twentieth Century Seminar 7: ‘Victory and Defeat’: Felix Römer (University of Mainz), ‘Military Ethos in the Face of Defeat. The German Wehrmacht, 1944/45.’ Victor Demiaux (EHESS, Paris), ‘Allied Celebrations of the Victory after the Great War: Comparative Insights.’ 10.00- 12.00 Room A.6009, Arts Building, TCD

11 March

CWS Seminar Series

Methodologies in the Study of War in the Twentieth Century Seminar 6: ‘Everyday life: Continuity and Disjuncture’: Justin Dolan Stover (TCD), ‘Negotiating Allegiance: Exploring Loyalty and Treason during the Irish Revolution, 1913-21.’ Franziska Heimburger (EHESS, Paris), ‘ “Intercrossings intrinsic to the subject”: Military Language Policy and Usage as a way of approaching the Allied coalition during the First World War.’ 14.00-16.00 Long Room Hub Seminar Room, TCD

9 February

Holocaust Memorial Lecture

Professor Dan Stone (Royal Holloway, University of London) : 'The Holocaust and the Politics of Memory in Post-Cold War Europe' 7.30 pm, Emmet Theatre, Arts Building, TCD

17 February

CWS Seminar Series

Methodologies in the Study of War in the Twentieth Century Seminar 5: 'Belligerency and Neutrality' Kevin O’ Sullivan (University College Dublin), ‘Small States, Foreign Aid and the Cold War.’ Samuel Kruizinga (University of Amsterdam), ‘European Neutrals and the Economic War (1914-1918): Towards a comparative framework.’ 16.00-18.00 Room A.6009, Arts Building, TCD

3 February

CWS Seminar Series

Methodologies in the Study of War in the Twentieth Century Seminar 4: 'Organisation: Control and Chaos' Peter Grant (Cass Business School, City University, London), ‘Transforming Managerial Change in the First World War: The Mobilization of Charity in Great Britain’ Bjarne Bendtsen (University of South Denmark), ‘The image of the “profiteer” in the formulation of “war experiences”: The case of neutral countries during the Great War.’ 4.00 pm, Room A.6009, Arts Building, TCD

28 January

CWS Seminar Series

Methodologies in the Study of War in the Twentieth Century Seminar 3: ‘Violence: Legitimacy and Illegitimacy’ Daniel Steinbach (TCD), 'Whites behind Wire – Questions of Nationalism, Internationalism and Racism in Colonial Africa during the Great War.' Mahon Murphy (LSE), ‘Imagined Communities: Life in German POW Camps in Japan during the First World War.’ 4.00 pm, Room 3106, Arts Building, TCD 9 December joint CWS and European History Research Seminar Martina Salvante (TCD) ‘Fathers under Fascist Rule, Italy 1922-1943’. 4.00 pm A6009, Arts Building, TCD


4 November

CWS Seminar Series

Methodologies in the Study of War in the Twentieth Century Seminar 2: ‘Communities: Cohesion and Disintegration’ Alan Drumm (Cork), ‘County Kerry and the Great War.’ Andrew Vail (Birmingham), ‘Birmingham Non-Conformists and the Great War’ 4.00 pm A6009, Arts Building, TCD

28 October

TCD Modern European History Seminar

Professor Leonard Smith (Oberlin College, Ohio): '1919: Towards a New Diplomatic History of Peacemaking' 4.00pm, Room A6009, Arts Building, TCD followed by CWS Reception and Book Launch of the Blackwell Companion to the First World War and Vers la guerre totale: le tournant de 1914-1915, both edited by John Horne 6.00 pm Hist-Room, Graduate Memorial Building, TCD

29 October

CWS Seminar Series

Methodologies in the Study of War in the Twentieth Century Seminar 1: ‘‘Expectations and Experience’ Catriona Pennell (Exeter), Pierre Purseigle (Birmingham) 3.30 pm IIIS Seminar Room, TCD

26 October

Annual CWS 'War in History' Lecture

Professor Keith Jeffery (Queen's University Belfast): 'The Irish at War in the 20th Century' 7.30 pm, Robert Emmet Theatre, Arts Building, TCD

28-29 May

TCD and UCD Centres for War Studies Joint Conference

'Paramilitary Violence in Europe after the Great War'

15-16 April


Unarmed on the Battlefield: non-combatants and the experience of combat in modern war (Call for Papers - Word Document)

University of Glamorgan (Cardiff/Pontypridd) Co-convened by Jane Finucane (Glamorgan) and Edward Madigan (TCD)

8 April

TCD Modern European History Seminar

Santanu Das (Queen Mary, UL) 'The Singing Sepoy: India, Empire and the First World War' 4pm, Arts Building 6009, TCD

1 April

TCD Modern European History Seminar

Alex Watson (Clare Hall, Cambridge)' "Unheard of brutality": Russian atrocities against civilians in East Prussia, 1914-15' 4pm, Arts Building 6009, TCD

11 March

Innaugural CWS 'War in History' lecture

Professor Jay Winter (Yale): 'War Talk to Rights Talk: the Origins of Universal Human Rights and the Second World War' 7.30pm, Arts Building TCD

25 February

TCD Modern European History Seminar

William Mulligan (UCD) 'Power and International Politics Before 1914, 4pm, Arts Building 6009, TCD'


23-24 October

Centre for War Studies Conference

'Veterans, Internationalism and the Cultures of Victory and Peace (1919-1933)' (Word Document)

Organised by Julia Eichenberg (TCD), Arts Building, 6th Floor, Room C6002'

25 September

Courage and Cowardice in Wartime: Myth and Reality (Word Document)

One Day Centre for War Studies Workshop, Arts Building 6009, TCD

11 - 12 May

Rape in Wartime: A History to be Written (PDF)

Conference Programme (Word Document)

Conference at the University of Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne Organized by John Horne (TCD) et al.

24 April

Civilians and Soldiers in Combat: Norms and Excesses (Colloquium Programme - Word Document)

One Day Centre for War Studies Colloquium, Arts Building 6009, TCD

27 March

Seminar: Linking Best Practice in France and Ireland in Academic Military History (Word Document)

Organised by Sylvie Kleinman, Arts Building 6002, TCD


5 - 6 December

Aftershocks. Paramilitary Violence following the Great War, 1918-1923 (Word Document)

Conference in University College, Dublin, Organized by Robert Gerwarth (UCD) & John Horne (TCD)

6 November - 4 December

Dublin research seminar in Modern European History (Seminar Programme - Word Document)

Jointly convened by History Departments at TCD and UCD.

7-9 November

Inside the War (1914-1918): Acceptance, Endurance, Refusal (Word Document - Conference Programme)

Conference in Péronne, France Organized by the Historial de la Grande Guerre

23 October

Warfare in the Mediterranean Region in the Age of the Crusades (1095-1291) (Word Document)

Public Lecture, Swift Theatre, TCD. Organized by the Centre for Mediterranean and Near Eastern Studies in association with the Centre for War Studies, TCD.

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