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About the Centre

The Centre for War Studies was established, with the support of the Long Room Hub , in February 2008 to promote the study of the origins, nature and consequences of war in history and in the contemporary world. It draws on the existing interests of staff in the School of Histories and Humanities with convergence on three periods in particular: the Thirty Years war and the wars in Britain and Ireland in the 17th century; the Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars, 1792-1815; and the era of the two world wars, 1914-45, with special emphasis on the First World War. Each of these periods represented an extended crisis that transformed the nature of combat, the norms and understanding of warfare and the European state system. Each of them also involved Ireland, Britain and Europe and, in the latter two cases, the wider world. The Centre aims to promote work both within these periods and comparatively between them, and to involve historians of Ireland, Britain, Europe and elsewhere in reflection on themes of common interest. While the cultural history of war is a special strength of the Centre, the study of all aspects of war – from military operations to politics, society and the economy – is supported.

The Centre for War Studies collaborates closely with Trinity College Library, which is Ireland’s international library. As a copyright library for British and Irish publications since 1801, it is a major repository of British as well as Irish materials relating to warfare. Among its Irish holdings are the 1641 Protestant depositions concerning alleged Catholic atrocities, which a major project is currently making available via digitisation. The Library has also acquired significant holdings relating to continental European countries in the era of the First World War, including the Cambridge University Library First World War Collection on microfilm.

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The Centre also welcomes collaboration with other periods and disciplines represented in the School, notably medieval and classical history and art history, and wishes actively to encourage interdisciplinary work. Its interests overlap with those of the Centre for Post-Conflict Justice in Trinity College and of colleagues in Sociology, Theological Studies, Political Science and Law.

Several of the members of the Centre for War Studies are actively engaged in collaborative projects in Europe, the USA and Ireland. The Centre intends to promote international contacts and exchanges. It also serves as a framework for postdoctoral fellows and postgraduate students working in War Studies.

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