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Contact Details

Guided Tours

Official Guided Tours of the College Campus

With increased footfall of visitors to its campus, the College faces increased challenges, and to address some of these, the College adopted a new Campus Tours Policy in the summer of 2017. The aim of this policy is to ensure the provision of accurate and engaging tours for visitors to the College, as well as a quality experience during their visit.

The Campus Tours Policy outlines that authorised tours of campus are conducted by Trinity’s official tour provider, Authenticity Tours.

– In implementing this new policy, the College hopes to continue to protect and preserve its historic campus and ensure a memorable experience for all of its visitors.
– Authenticity Tours, which operates Trinity Tours, can facilitate any tour requests from members of the public or tour groups.

Authenticity Tours offers a combined ticket which incorporates discounts on the cost of a guided tour of Trinity College Dublin and the admission fee to the Book of Kells and Old Library Exhibition.

Lasting 35 minutes, the tour encompasses the four major squares of the College. It provides visitors with an insight into the more than four-hundred-year history of the College, its buildings and their use, its traditions and its life today. All of the guides are knowledgeable and enthusiastic students of Trinity College Dublin.

To take a guided tour, visitors need simply turn up at the Authenticity Tours ticket desk at the Front Gate and purchase a ticket for the next scheduled tour. Authenticity Tours does not currently offer advance purchase for a scheduled tour.