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Non-satisfactory Attendance and Course Work

Extract from University of Dublin Calendar 2012-13, General Regulations, page H6.

Non-satisfactory attendance and course work

§24 All students must fulfil the requirements of the school or department, as appropriate, with regard to attendance and course work. Where specific requirements are not stated, students may be deemed non-satisfactory if they miss more than a third of their course of study or fail to submit a third of the required course work in any term.

§25 At the end of the teaching term, students who have not satisfied the school or department requirements, as set out in §§18, 22 and 23 above, may be reported as non-satisfactory for that term. Students reported as non-satisfactory for the Michaelmas and Hilary terms of a given year may be refused permission to take their annual examinations and may be required by the Senior Lecturer to repeat their year.

Notes on the procedures for the returning of students as non-satisfactory and copies of the appropriate forms can be obtained by clicking here (MS Word).

Last updated 23 May 2018