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Ukraine Commmunity Activity Registry

Trinity Support Projects for Ukraine

This registry is designed for the Trinity community to share their projects which aim to assist the challenges faced by students and scholars from Ukraine. The activities listed are also open to other at-risk groups such as those fleeing war and persecution.

Thinking about Fundraising?

Trinity Development and Alumni have developed a resource to assist fundraisers with useful guidance on how best to approach your fundraising projects, available here.

If you have an idea or proposal for a community project, we would like to hear from you. Get in touch with the Trinity Global Team by filling in this form, clicking the button below or by emailing Trinity Global.

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English Language Conversation Classes

Project Description

Informal English language conversation classes in which student and staff volunteers engage with small groups of learners in a welcoming environment in order to create a space for intercultural sharing between Trinity and the wider community, including people from Ukraine and others seeking refuge. The main aim will be to support people to develop the language and integration skills they need for life in Ireland, through meaningful social interaction.

Key Areas

Community, inclusion, language, intercultural understanding.

Desirable Skills/Experience of Volunteers

All volunteers are welcome to participate in this inclusive project. However, we would particularly welcome volunteers with experience in the key areas mentioned above.

Next Steps

For further information please contact Dr Bronagh Catibusic or Dr Rachel Hoare

Trinity Sanctuary Fund

Project Description

Trinity College stands in solidarity with the Ukrainian people at this most difficult time. As a University of Sanctuary and a member of the Scholars at Risk network, we are committed to offering our physical and academic resources to give appropriate sanctuary, succour and support to the people and country of Ukraine.

To this end, the College is establishing the Trinity Sanctuary Fund, a flexible fund responding to the diverse and ever-changing needs of asylum seekers and refugees. Established now to address the huge challenges faced by students and scholars from Ukraine, the Fund will also be open to other at-risk groups such as those fleeing war and persecution in Afghanistan and Syria.

The Fund will provide those most in need with targeted financial payments, along with a programme of intensive supports, such as language classes, counselling, tech support and, where applicable, tuition fees.

Trinity Development & Alumni is working to secure philanthropic investment in the Fund and will be reaching out to alumni across the world keen to express their solidarity and support by contributing to this effort.

Next Steps

For those who are interested in learning more, please contact Jennifer Taaffe or donate here .

Trinity Sport Projects

Community Engagement

  • Activities for Ukrainian children: free summer camp places (5 free places per week/ limited to different individuals each week. Running during June-August dates to follow)
  • Activities for Ukrainian families: free family swim sessions and climbing wall sessions (group bookings), family fun events, Euro Week of sport event access.

To take part in the above activities, contact


  • Supports for Ukrainian students – financial- gear and equipment and registration fees covered by DUCAC to sport clubs and National Governing Bodies (NGB’s)
  • Activities for Ukrainians students - Have a go session with various sport clubs, Welcome events (hosted by sport club members in Global room), European week of sport activities and events
  • Training for students- Inclusion training etc.
  • Volunteering for students- opportunities to volunteer and work with groups. Looking for volunteers for sports camps, sports events and family sports events.

Contact for more information.

Sports Camps

We are delighted to offer up to 5 places per week for children on our sports camps during the summer. Our sports camps run from June to August.

We are also looking for volunteers for the children’s camps, all volunteers are welcome to participate however, we would particularly welcome volunteers in sport or that have dealt with children before.

Sports Clubs

Our sports clubs are committing to offering specific give it a go session’s. With 49 sports clubs within Trinity Sport we have a large number of sports clubs offering sessions in the new academic year. if you are interested in taking part in these sessions then please sign up via our web page or alternatively please contact

We are also offering to waive the DUCAC signup fee as well to assist with any registration fee associated with National Governing Bodies for any Trinity student affected by the crisis. Anyone interested in taking up this opportunity then please contact with your query.

We have sport inclusion officers who undertake training annually within the club, they will be a point of contact for any individuals getting involved with the sports club. These individuals get specific training on welcoming and how to be inclusive. If there are members of the sports clubs that wish to undertake this training who are not inclusions officers, then please contact our physical activity and inclusion officer Naz Velic

The sports clubs are to host a welcome evening in the global room for the new academic year. We will provide light refreshments and a chance to meet members of the sports clubs. It will be an opportunity to ask questions about the sport, get to know potential team meets and to socialise. For further information or to register in advance for this event then please email

Recreation Sport

As part of European Week of Sport on the 23rd-30th September 2022, we will be running a number of events throughout the week. Some of these events will be free of charge but some will be paid events. Trinity Sport will cover the cost of entry to individuals from the Ukraine to take part in these events.

We are also looking for volunteers for these events, all volunteers are welcome to help with events and get involved.

If any person interested to become a volunteer or to participate in the events could contact for further information on the next steps.

Psychology Response to Ukraine Crisis

Project Description

We are in the process of recruiting volunteer psychologists who will donate their time on a pro bono basis to provide specialist therapy for PTSD to Ukrainian refugees. The project will support this work by providing specialist training, clinical supervision, administrative support and premises.

Key Areas

Provision of theraputic support.

Next Steps

For further information please contact Dr Kevin Tierney.

Skellig Michael Challenge

Project Description

I am a triathlete and so far have currently raised €2,500 by cycling the Wicklow 100 bike race on 12 June 2022 using a rented Dublin Bike from the bike-stands here in Dublin. Please click here.

My idea once finished with the Dublin bike challenge above is then to explore the possibility of organising a sponsored swim for the same cause around Skellig Michael off County Kerry later in the Summer. This is a UNESCO site and known world wide (through Star Wars etc). I believe an organised swim around it open only to very limited and experienced open water swimmers (if well co-ordinated and publicised) would really capture public imagination in Ireland and possibly outside. I have previously being involved in a swim around Skellig Michael but it was carried out without publicity and known only to open water swimmers in Ireland.

I work here in Trinity as an adjunct lecturer in the Business School with a US visiting professor, Professor Bill Cockrum. I think to have Trinity as a partner in a Skellig Michael swim would significantly enhance the public profile around event and Trinity may also be able to provide practical support such as allowing the Trinity Kayaking club to provide safety support during the swim to the swimmers and more besides.

Key Areas

Supporting Ukrainian refugees here in Ireland.

Next Steps

For further information please contact Michael Nesdale.

The Trinity Centre for Global Health Call for Expressions of Interest

Project Description

The Trinity Centre for Global Health (located in Trinity College Dublin) is looking to recruit a Ukrainian national with experience conducting health research at Masters, Doctoral, or post-Doctoral level to join our wonderful team of researchers. The successful candidate must have arrived in Ireland after February 24, 2022, and be covered by the Temporary Protection Directive - Professional working proficiency in Ukrainian and English are required for the post. The aim is for the successful candidate to be employed across two ongoing research projects for a 12-month period, commencing September 2022.

The first research project involves working as part of the REFUGE-ED consortium to conduct research with teachers, children, and their caregivers at a local Dublin school, where 20% of the students are Ukrainian. REFUGE-ED aims to improve students’ sense of belonging, well-being, and academic motivation through the implementation of co-designed educational and mental health interventions. The position on this first project is available immediately on a part-time basis.

The second research project involves working with hospital staff (clinicians, nurses, security, porters, etc.) to identify key barriers to care for patients presenting to the emergency department with English language difficulties as part of the TS4TIC project (Translational Simulation for Trauma Informed Care). Funding for the salary on this second research project will depend on a successful application to the Health Research Board’s Ucrisis Call, which the candidate would be invited to co-develop with the research team. If successful, the position on this second project will also be available on a part-time basis.

For more information on the Trinity Centre for Global Health please visit:

Центр глобального здоров’я Трініті (розташований у Трініті-коледжі в Дубліні) прагне залучити до нашої чудової команди дослідників українського походження з досвідом проведення досліджень в галузі охорони здоров’я на рівні магістра, доктора наук чи постдокторантів. Успішний кандидат повинен прибути до Ірландії після 24 лютого 2022 року та підпадати під дію Директиви про тимчасовий захист – для посади необхідно професійне володіння українською та англійською мовами. Мета полягає в тому, що кандидат який пройде відбір буде працевлаштований у двох поточних дослідницьких проектах на строк 12 місяців, починаючи з вересня 2022 року.

Перший дослідницький проект передбачає роботу в рамках консорціуму REFUGE-ED для проведення дослідження з вчителями, дітьми та відповідальними за них особами в місцевій дублінській школі, де 20% учнів є українцями. REFUGE-ED має на меті покращити почуття добробуту, благополуччя та академічну мотивацію студентів шляхом впровадження спільно розроблених освітніх заходів та заходів з психічного здоров’я. Посада на цьому першому проекті доступна відразу на умовах неповного робочого дня.

Другий дослідницький проект передбачає роботу з персоналом лікарні (лікарі, медсестри, охоронці, вахтери тощо) для визначення ключових бар’єрів у догляді за пацієнтами, які звертаються до відділення невідкладної допомоги з проблемами англійської мови в рамках проекту TS4TIC (Translational Simulation for Trauma Informed Care). Фінансування заробітної плати в цьому другому дослідницькому проекті залежатиме від успішної заявки на конкурс Ради з досліджень охорони здоров’я, Ucrisis Ucrisis, після чого кандидата буде запрошено для спільної розробки з дослідницькою групою. У разі успіху посада в цьому другому проекті також буде доступна на умовах неповного робочого дня.

Для отримання додаткової інформації про Trinity Center for Global Health, будь ласка, відвідайте:

Key Areas

Education, Research, Language, Support.

Next Steps

To express your interest, please send a CV and cover letter to Dr Frédérique Vallières.

Щоб висловити свою зацікавленість, надішліть резюме та супровідний лист д-ру Dr Frédérique Vallières.