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Consciousness as a Decision to Engage

Thursday, 18 October 2018, 4 – 6pm

Consciousness as a Decision to Engage

Public lecture by Professor Mike Shadlen (Columbia University)

Professor Mike Shadlen
Dr. Shadlen studies neurons in the association cortex that transform information from the sensory cortex to give rise to interpretations, decisions, and plans for behavior. His experiments combine electrophysiology and behavioral and computational methods to advance our knowledge of higher brain function. Dr. Shadlen’s research on decision making exposes the neural mechanisms that support a wide range of cognitive functions of normal brains—what it is about a normal brain that makes us “not confused.” As a practicing neurologist, Dr. Shadlen believes that by elucidating the principles of cognitive neuroscience employed in decision-making, we will ultimately help patients with disorders affecting a wide range of higher cognitive functions affecting personality, ideation, volition, and awareness.

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About the ​Neurohumanities lecture series
Neurohumanities is managed by a cross-disciplinary seminar organizing committee. These are designed to bring STEM and humanities researches to reflect, discuss and think together, as well as to provide a platform for public engagement.

It further funds workshops and discussion meetings that connect STEM and Humanities.

It also provides seed grants for the development of new interdisciplinary research, particularly in the arts and humanities that connect to neuroscience and brain health.

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