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Identities on the Move

Friday, 16 February 2018, 2 – 4:30pm

Identities on the Move

Identities on the Move: Irish Migration, Diaspora, and Transnationalism in Theory

Identities on the Move, the second instalment of this year’s Identities in Transformation Theory Workshop series, critically engages with theoretical concepts of migration, diaspora, and transnationalism in relation to our understanding of “Irishness” both within and beyond the shores of the island of Ireland. Trinity College Dublin’s Dr Ciaran O'Neill, Ussher Assistant Professor in Nineteenth-Century History, Dr Elaine Moriarty, Assistant Professor in Sociology, and Dr Ruth Barton, Associate Professor in Film Studies, are joined by postgraduate students in facilitating what promises to be an intellectually stimulating exploration aimed at staff and students already working or keenly interested in unpacking issues of identity, community, belonging, and “home.” Since the early 1990s, with the renewed academic interest in ideas of transnational movement and identity, heralded by the establishment of the influential journal, Diaspora, and, on the public stage, Mary Robinson’s now famous embrace of the global imagined community of Ireland’s diaspora, scholarly explorations of how identities transform, evolve, and adapt “on the move.” While Ireland’s emigrants have constituted the experiential matter of these discussions, we are interested in shedding light on the ways in which the country’s immigrants have also initiated a productive reshaping of notions of national and cultural identity. In 2005, Rogers Brubaker warned that the meaning of “diaspora” had become so “stretched” in intellectual, cultural, and political spheres that the result has been a “diaspora” diaspora, “a dispersion of the meanings of the term in semantic, conceptual and disciplinary space.” Identities on the Move, then, invites a small group of staff and students to closely consider the usefulness of transnationalism as a paradigm through which to think about the construction and evolution of Irishness today.

This workshop is by invite only as numbers are very limited. If you are active in this area of research or this theme and would like to be included in the workshop please email project theme officer Sarah Kerr, with a brief statement about your engagement within this area.
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Campus LocationTrinity Long Room Hub Arts and Humanities Research Institute
Accessibility: Yes
Room: Neill Lecture Theatre
Research Theme: Identities in Transformation
Event Category: Classes, Lectures and Seminars, Workshops and Training
Type of Event: One-time event
Audience: Postgrad, Alumni, Faculty & Staff, Public
Contact Name: Sarah Kerr

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