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Exhibition: Architecture & Motility, 2017

Friday, 22 September – Sunday, 15 October 2017

Exhibition: Architecture & Motility, 2017

Architecture & Motility, 2017 is an art exhibition taking place at the Trinity Long Room Hub as part of a site-specific art project across five venues in central Dublin, launching on Culture Night 2017.

The exhibition features a series of new works by artist Mark Orange, each produced in collaboration with leading Dublin architect Niall McCullough of McCullough Mulvin Architects. The works, in audio and video, are being presented at some of the key Dublin buildings designed by McCullough Mulvin over the past 20 years. Venues include Temple Bar Gallery & Studios, Trinity Long Room Hub, Trinity College, and the Irish Architecture Foundation, Bachelors Walk.

About Architecture & Motility, 2017
The sounds of architect Niall McCullough's stomach were recorded using a custom-designed belt with four embedded contact microphones, as he ate breakfast at the McCullough Mulvin designed Trinity Long Room Hub building at Trinity College.

The recordings will be played back as a four-channel installation through speakers located on two levels of the atrium space at the Trinity Long Room Hub. The positioning of the four speakers will reflect the layout of the microphones during the recording, mapping the four quadrants of the gastro-intestinal tract onto the vertical space of the building's atrium. Throughout the day, the blips and gurgles of the architect's stomach sounds will emit from the speakers, providing a playful and intimate integration between architect's body and building fabric.

Review of the installation by Jill Stoner:

"Architecture & Motility is a four-channel sound piece installed in the atrium space at McCullough Mulvin’s iconic Trinity Long Room Hub building on Trinity’s Fellows’ Square. Again, a kind of antithesis of the architect as subject, the work consists of recordings of McCullough’s stomach sounds as he digests breakfast. The work reconfigures the architect in terms of his most fundamental plumbing, as though a building, in some Kafkaesque inversion, presents only its circulatory systems to the world. (Italo Calvino gets at something like this with a few of his Invisible Cities portrayals of Venice, in which a city is only pipes, or only reflections). Yet inarguably, Orange’s misdirection is part of a larger mission—to question the figure of the architect as the active subject who makes things, and to contrast this notion of making with the idea of being, in which assumed hierarchies of influence are flattened. Architects become buildings; buildings become animals; animals become the city."

Mark Orange will be artist in residence in the Trinity Long Room Hub Arts and Humanities Research Institute between September 22nd and October 1st in association with the Creative Arts Practice research theme. 

Probe: Research Uncovered at Trinity College Dublin – Architecture & Motility: 19:15 – 20.00

Join Dr Nicholas Johnson, convener of Trinity’s Creative Arts Practice research theme, for a conversation with artist Mark Orange to learn more about the concept behind the exciting McCullough Mulvin Orange art project taking place across five venues in central Dublin from September 22nd to October 2017, including the sound installation ‘Architecture & Motility, 2017’ based in the Trinity Long Room Hub for the exhibition.

McCullough Mulvin Orange is supported by grants from the Arts Council of Ireland and Dublin City Council and continues from September 22nd through October 14th, 2017.

Campus LocationTrinity Long Room Hub Arts and Humanities Research Institute
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