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Our Digital World: Who is Serving Whom?

Thomas Davis Theatre, Arts Building
Thursday, 12 October 2017, 6:30 – 8pm

Our Digital World: Who is Serving Whom?

Why do poverty, illiteracy, inequality, war and crime prevail in a world that has never been more technologically advanced?

As we enter the so-called ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’, what are the opportunities and challenges we confront through the growth of automation and artificial intelligence?  Are we using technological developments to better the world we live in or is technology using us?

As part of the Behind the Headlines public lecture series, the Trinity Long Room Hub brought together leading experts from industry and education to discuss the opportunities and challenges we face in a digital society, with a specific focus on the ethical and human impact.


Designing an ethical future: can artificial intelligence help?
Linda Hogan
(Professor of Ecumenics)

Big data, machine learning and AI raise new ethical questions and re-frame old ones in a new and more momentous context.   The question is whether we have the ethical imagination and political will to address them?

What is real?
Anil Kokaram, (Professor in Media Engineering)

The last 100 years of movie making has combined technology and the arts to make it possible to visualise almost anything we can imagine. Can we ever hope to protect the integrity of our news feeds from the weaponisation of this technology?

Living in a post human society – how digital tools shape our habits, beliefs and behaviours 
Lorna Ross (Group Director at Fjord Dublin – Accenture)

The persistent use of our digital tools is shaping our habits, beliefs and behaviours in profound ways. Human evolution is expressed not in our biology but in our technology. As the digital self and the physical self morph, will we ever again be in a natural state of ‘human being’?

Artificial Intelligence in the digital society – risks and rewards
Vincent Wade (Director of the ADAPT Centre for Digital Content Technology)

Embedded artificial intelligence is shaping the information that we are offered, the jobs we do and our perception of the world around us. What are the significant benefits of increasingly intelligent systems and where are the potential risks in our digital future?

To listen to the podcast, please click here.
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Room: Thomas Davis Theatre, Arts Building
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