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Trinity Centre for Asian Studies Public Lecture Series 2016-2017

Monday, 30 January 2017, 6:30 – 9pm

Trinity Centre for Asian Studies Public Lecture Series 2016-2017

“China in the Year of the Rooster”:

a public lecture presented by Chinese Studies academic team
(Adrian Tien, Isabella Jackson and Heidi Wang-Kaeding)
Celebrate the Chinese New Year – Year of the Rooster – with Adrian Tien, Isabella Jackson
and Heidi Wang-Kaeding at the Trinity Centre for Asian Studies. This public lecture
comprises three short talks, each tackling an aspect of China or Chinese related to the theme
of the rooster.

What the “rooster” means to Chinese: the linguistic and cultural evidence
Of the many kinds of domestic fowl, it was the ji 雞 ‘rooster, chicken’ which made it into the
Chinese Zodiac. In this presentation, we will examine a range of linguistic and cultural
evidence which shed light on the reason why this humble bird should have come to occupy a
significant place in the hearts of Chinese – whether or not they realised it.
Dr Adrian Tien is Sam Lam Associate Professor in Chinese Studies
and Programme Director of MPhil Chinese Studies at the Trinity Centre
for Asian Studies, Trinity College Dublin. He is a linguist whose
specialisation includes the relationship between Chinese language and
culture. Adrian is the author of The Semantics of Chinese Music.
Analysing selected Chinese musical concepts (2015 Amsterdam/John
Benjamins) and Lexical Semantics of Children’s Mandarin Chinese
during the First Four Years (2010: Munich/LINCOM). His new book,
Anatomy of Chinese Offensive Language: a lexical and semantic
analysis (Palgrave MacMillan) is forthcoming.

Years of the Rooster through the Twentieth Century

This talk will examine each year of the rooster in the twentieth century, beginning in 1909, to
illuminate the rapid changes in modern Chinese history. The collapse of China’s last imperial
dynasty, the establishment of the Chinese Communist Party, the Second World War in China,
and communist rule all come into focus in turn through vignettes on a century of change in
modern China.

Dr Isabella Jackson is Assistant Professor in Chinese History in the
Department of History and the Trinity Centre for Asian Studies at Trinity
College Dublin, and has taught previously at the Universities of Oxford
and Aberdeen. Her research focuses on the history of foreign colonialism
and social reform movements in modern Chinese History. Her co-edited
volume, Treaty Ports in Modern China: Law, Land and Power, was
published by Routledge in 2016.

Years of the Rooster and the Environment

How do we connect Years of the Rooster to environmental protection in the People’s
Republic of China and why does it matter? The year of 2017 will an exciting one to observe
China’s role in the global environmental governance. This lecture will trace back to 1957, the
first year of the Rooster in the People’s Republic, and select one representative event from
each Year of the Rooster to demonstrate the trend of environmental protection (or
destruction) of various political actors.

It will cover the discussion of the Great Sparrow Campaign deliberated in 1957 and launched
in 1958, the potential (and eventually aborted) nuclear war between the Soviet Union and
China in 1969, the launch of the first ecology-related television series Dongwu Shijie 动物世
界, 1993 as the peak of environmental diplomacy, and the experimentation of Green GDP in
2005. These discrete events are part of the jigsaw of China’s environmental governance as
they cover themes of political campaign and mobilisation, environmental security, public
awareness, China’s role as a global leader, and institutional innovation. They remain to be
relevant in this new year of the Rooster. Reflecting upon them allows us to manage our
expectation in the contemporary political reality which is full of surprises and shocks.

Dr Heidi Ning Kang Wang-Kaeding is Assistant Professor in
Asian Politics in the Department of Political Science and the Trinity
Centre for Asian Studies at Trinity College Dublin. She has taught
previously at the London School of Economics and guest lectured
in University of Surrey and Tunghai University. Her research
focuses on the role of interest groups in China’s environmental
foreign relations.

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