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Lecture Series 2013-2016

Europe's Violent Memories

This three-year series of public lectures delivered by eminent international scholars in different disciplines, such as history, literary and film studies and memory studies explored how war, its traumas and its contested memories have proved pivotal to the formation of European identities in the 20th century.

  • In 2013-14, the centenary of the First World War, the series explored the nature and legacy of that conflict down to the present. 
  • In 2014-15, the seventieth anniversary of 1945, the focus was on the extreme violence of the Second World War and the ways in which this has shaped subsequent European memories and identities.
  • The final year, 2015-16, re-examined the legacies of the Easter Rising at its centenary and of Ireland’s revolutionary decade more generally. It located the founding decade of modern Ireland in the context of Europe and the non-European world over the last hundred years, including inter-war Eastern Europe, post-1945 decolonization and Northern Ireland during the ‘Troubles.’

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2015-16 Programme

Living with the Memory of Violence? Europe's Twentieth Century Post-war Periods

Professor John Horne (Fellow Emeritus of Modern History, Trinity College Dublin)


08.03.2016 'Learn the history of Pearse...a gem of young Ireland who roused an indomitable desire for armed revolution' The Irish Revolution and India Dr Kate O'Malley (Assistant Editor, Royal Irish Academy's Documents on Irish Foreign Policy (DIFP) Series) Podcast
26.01.2016 Instant History: 1912, 1916, 1918 Prof David Fitzpatrick (Fellow Emeritus of Modern History, Trinity College Dublin) Podcast
2014-15 Programme
24.03.2015 The Post-Soviet Space: Memories and Experiences of Violence from Afghanistan to Ukraine  Jan C. Behrends (Centre for Contemporary Historical Research ZZF, Potsdam)  
03.03.2015 The Politics of Forgetting and Forgiving: Italian Fascism and the Second World War  Christopher Duggan (University of Reading)  
03.02.2015 Competing Victimhoods? How Poles and other Eastern Europeans commemorate their violent pasts Dariusz Stola (Institute of Political Studies, Polish Academy of the Sciences) Podcast
02.12.2014 Sexual Violence during World War Two Remembered: Processes of “Unsilencing” Andrea Pető (Central European University, Budapest)  
The Ghosts of Mid-Century: Violence, Democracy and European Memories since the Second World War

Pieter Lagrou (Université Libre de Bruxelles)

2013-14 Programme
15.04.2014 Naturalizing Hobbes: Russia's Violent "Life in Catastrophe" and its Legacies in Soviet Russia after the Civil War William Rosenberg (University of Michigan)
War and Martyrdom in the Twentieth Century
Jay Winter (Yale University)
25.02.2014 Towards the concept of Genocide (1915-1945): Raphael Lemkin and the Extermination of the Ottoman Armenians Annette Becker (Université de Paris-Ouest)
21.01.2014 To Talk Peace in the Parables of War:  The League of Nations after World War I Patricia Clavin (University of Oxford) Podcast

A Time of Silence? Legacies of the Civil War in Spain after Franco
Michael Richards (University of the West of England)

Michael Richards (University of the West of England)

08.10.2013 The Vanquished: Europe and the Aftermath of the Great War Robert Gerwarth (University College Dublin) Podcast

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