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Neurohumanities Lecture series 2017-2018


About the ​Neurohumanities lecture series Neurohumanities is managed by a cross-disciplinary seminar organizing committee. These are designed to bring STEM and humanities researches to reflect, discuss and think together, as well as to provide a platform for public engagement.

It further funds workshops and discussion meetings that connect STEM and Humanities.

It also provides seed grants for the development of new interdisciplinary research, particularly in the arts and humanities that connect to neuroscience and brain health.

2017-18 Neurohumanities Lecture Series
18.01.2018 Medieval Handwriting Disorders Read More
15.02.2018 Beauty in the Brain Read More
23.02.2018 Cultural Evolution Read More
08.03.2018 Neuroscience & Photography Read More
15.03.2018 Theatre Studies & Cognitive Sciences Read More
29.03.2018 Neuroethics Read More
05.04.2018 Citizen Science & Brain Mapping Read More
26.04.2018 Evolution of Music & Biology Read More
17.05.2018 Consciousness Read More
24.05.2018 Shakespeare & Neuroscience Read More
28.05.2018 What is Memory? Read More
31.05.2018 The Role of Drama in Building Social and Emotional Skills Read More
21.06.2018 Philosophy, Information & the Brain Read More

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