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Trinity Centre for Contemporary Irish History Research Seminar Series

The Centre for Contemporary Irish History promotes research in recent Irish history. This Seminar Series is intended to act as a forum where those engaged in research in Contemporary Irish History can discuss their work with likeminded people. All lectures take place at 4pm in the Trinity Long Room Hub. Presenters speak for a maximum of 45 minutes, followed by a general discussion.

2018- 2019 Early Contemporary Irish History
23.01.2019 From Athlone to the secret heart of Whitehall: the career of Brigadier W.M.T. Magan (1908-2010) in context Read More
30.01.2019 ‘Fermanagh: a Protestant county notwithstanding the population’ Fermanagh Unionists and the spectre of partition, 1916-23. Read More
06.02.2019 Dr Arlene Crampsie, School of Geography, University College Dublin Read More
13.02.2019 Ireland in the Geopolitics of Transatlantic Aviation: 1919-1922 Read More
20.02.2019 The Class of Newly Established States: 1920s Ireland in Context Read More
27.02.2019 The Special Criminal Court in law and practice. Read More
13.03.2019 Teaching the Nation’s Past: Irish History in Secondary Schools, 1924-1969 Read More

Shadow of a taxman: how, and by whom, was the republican government financed during the Irish War of Independence (1919-21)

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Physical education in Ireland, 1922-1972

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Dr Chloe O’Reilly, Trinity College Dublin

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The Public Dance Halls Act, 1935: a re-examination

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2018- 2019 Early Contemporary Irish History
12.09.2018 Boarders, paying guests and the ‘bogus lodger’ Read More
19.09.2018 Presented by Dr Sorcha O’Brien, Kingston School of Art. Read More
26.09.2018 What happens to people who do history - is there a future in the past? Read More
03.10.2018 Denis Devlin, a diplomat-poet: literary modernism and Ireland at the League of Nations Read More
10.10.2018 Presented by Dr Sonya Perkins, Trinity College Dublin. Read More
31.10.2018 Military Service Pensions Panel Discussion Read More
07.11.2018 Put him in to get him out: electioneering and propaganda in Ireland in 1918 Read More
14.11.2018 Presented by Chloe O’Reilly, Trinity College Dublin Read More

Presented by Elspeth Payne, Trinity College Dublin.

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Women’s interactions with the Irish Civil War

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2018 Early Contemporary Irish History Hilary Term
12.01.2018 Female Activism and Family Planning in 1970s Ireland? Read More
24.01.2018 The Famous, the Infamous and the Forgotten: A History of the Dictionary of Irish Biography Read More
31.01.2018 Witness Seminar – Perspectives on Social Change in 1960s Ireland Read More
07.02.2018 Band Aid/Live Aid and the World that Bob Geldof Made Read More
14.02.2018 Politics, Community and Nationhood Amongst the Irish in Argentina, 1900-1983 Read More
21.02.2018 Bad Bridget in New York: Irish Women and Crime, 1838-1918 Read More
07.03.2018 An all-Ireland Analysis of Women and Social Policy after Partition, 1921-39 Read More

‘Armagh Stories: Voices from the Gaol’ – Participatory Filmmaking on the Legacy of the Troubles

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Better Farming, Better Business, Better Living: the Co-operative Movement, Ireland, and the British Empire, 1890-1940

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Professor Enda Delaney, University of Edinburgh

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The Good Friday Agreement explored

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2017-18 Early Contemporary Irish History
04.10.2017 Whither twentieth century Irish history? Read More
11.10.2017 Who was ‘out’ in 1916? Assessing military service in the Easter Rising Read More
18.10.2017 Britain's Bloody Mistake: Representations of Abortion in 1960s Irish women's magazines Read More
25.10.2017 Interrogation, intelligence and security in Northern Ireland, 1971-8 Read More
01.11.2017 The Balfour declaration and Ireland: centenary reflections Read More
08.11.2017 Defending Trinity College: New Zealanders in the 1916 Rising Read More
15.11.2017 Towards a new social history of Ireland, 1922-1939? Read More

‘The fearful Object’: The heritage of culpability and blame

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Civil or Proxy War: How should we understand military operations in Ireland 1922-23?

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The government wants a terrible lot of light.' Slum clearance in Irish towns, 1932- 1945

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Provincial Recruitment in the First World War: The Glynns of Kilrush, County Clare

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