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Early Modern History Seminars

The Trinity Centre for Early Modern History promotes understanding of the culture, society, economy, religion, politics and warfare of early modern Europe. The Centre organises seminars, conferences and public lectures on the early modern history of Ireland, Britain and Continental Europe, as well as on relations between European and non-European states and cultures. Below is the programme of public seminars held on Mondays at 5pm in the Trinity Long Room Hub

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2018 Early Modern History Programme- Hilary Term
29.01.20178 Ciaran Brady (TCD), ‘Hilaire Belloc and the French Revolution’   Read More
05.02.2018 John Gallagher (University of Leeds), ‘A Conversable Knowledge: Learning Languages in Early Modern England’ Coming Soon
12.02.2018 Alan Kelly (TCD), ‘The struggle for mastery in Ireland: the Kildare Ormond dispute in its rhetorical perspective, c.1452-1540’  Coming Soon
19.02.2018 Joan Redmond (King’s College London), ‘Holy War? Henry Jones and Rebellion in Ireland, 1641-1652’ Coming Soon
05.03.2018 Máté Vince (TCD), ‘Regicides or Martyrs? The Jesuits in Seventeenth-Century Polemical Writing’ Coming Soon

Marion Lyons (NUI, Maynooth), ‘A Bealthy Balance: The Finances of Thomas Arthur of Limerick, Entrepreneurial Physician (1593-1675)

Coming Soon

Susan Flavin (Anglia Ruskin University), ‘Ale, Beer and Brewing in Sixteenth-Century Ireland’

Coming Soon

Trinity Centre for Early Modern History Annual Lecture
Professor Alexandra Walsham (University of Cambridge), ‘The Reformation of the Generations: Age, Ancestry and Memory in England 1500-1700’

Coming Soon
2017-18 Early Modern History Programme
16.10.2017 ‘Westward Enterprises: Colonial Ireland, Colonial India’ Read More
23.10.2017 ‘Local Conflict and External Intervention in Early
Modern Cambodia: Comparing Causes of Warfare involving Cambodia and
Vietnam, Ireland and England, c.1560-1840’
Read More
20.11.2017 ‘The Politics of Minority Religions in the Russian Empire, from Peter the Great to Nicholas I’ Read More
27.11.2017 ‘Footprints in Hebrew Books from Marsh's Library’. Read More
04.12.2017 ‘Sacred Space in the
City of Enlightenment: Making the Parish Churches of 18 th Century Paris’.
Read More
11.12.2017 Manu Sehgal (University of Birmingham), Coming Soon

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