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Terrorism Today

It would appear that terrorism in the early years of the 21st century has become a worldwide problem of tragic regularity. Terrorism is widely considered to be the greatest security challenge of our time. But as we know in Ireland terrorism is not a recent phenomenon. Nor is it isolated to one type of terrorist group or one region or country. The attacks on France in 2015 could make it easy to forget that but it has never been more important that we remember.

As we face the worst humanitarian crisis since World War 2 this discussion explored some of the deep and complex causes and effects of terrorism and how we can learn to live with the threat of terrorism today.

Thinking Beyond the 'War on Terror' and 'Terrorism'

  • Dr Jude Lal Fernando (Irish School of Ecumenics, TCD) analysed  the current discourses of 'War on Terror' and 'Terrorism' and examine the ways in which political polarisation can be overcome.

Inside the Mind of the Terrorist and the Terrorized

  • Prof Ian Robertson  (School of Psychology and author of The Winner Effect: How Power Affects Your Brain) explored the individual and group psychology of terrorism and how the terror it evokes plays out in the mind of the terrorized.

The Gender of Violence: Female Martyrdom and Suicide Bombers

  • Prof Roja Fazaeli (Department of Near and Middle Eastern Studies) considered how female suicide bombers occupy a different strategic and imaginative space in public discourse. Why does the gender of violence matter to us?

The Challenging the Global Mainstreaming of an Inherent Link between Terrorism and Islam, particularly from a Legal Point of View

  • Prof Neville Cox (School of Law) addressed the increasing proliferation of the view that there is some kind of inherent link between the teachings of Islam and acts of terrorism and violence. He considered whether it is fair to draw such a link by looking both at what Shari'a law says about use of force and also at the various limitations which it imposes on the same.

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