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Written records have the power to transform the inheritance of the past into a tool for understanding the present and informing the future. Over eighty researchers in Trinity College are engaged in the study of texts and their material support, starting with the holdings of Trinity College Library and extending to collections around the world. This research theme brings the Library of Trinity College fully into the academic and educational fabric of the University.

Anna Chahoud

Theme Convener


MS58-008R"Graphic Design and Visual Art in Four Early Irish Gospel Manuscripts at Trinity College Dublin"

Dr Carol Farr is currently a Visiting Research Fellow at the Trinity Long Room Hub in collaboration with the School of History & Humanities. Dr Farr's current research aims to advance understanding of Irish manuscript art c.650 - 900 within the larger context of Latin Gospel books, by investigating possible relationships between decoration of Irish Gospel books and the development of litugical forms in the early middle ages. 


A copy of our Manuscript, Book and Print Cultures brochure outlining the research theme is available to view and download here.






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