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What would you say if no one was listening?

Creative Arts Practices are integrated into a range of research activities and themes across all disciplines in Trinity: Humanities, Engineering, Science and Medicine. Practice-led research and Research-led practice are becoming more prevalent in both the humanities and the sciences. While research and creative arts practice have common aspirations, they also share complementary activities and can benefit both intellectually and culturally through integration.

The primary mission of the Creative Arts Practice research theme is to generate collaboration between researchers of and with creative arts practices, not only across disciplines but also across methodologies of approaches to research, with a view to creating new forms of art as well as knowledge, and in contexts not necessarily the preserve of the arts at all. The future of creative arts practices in the 21st century will be determined by and disseminated through multi-platform approaches to research and development, and thus the creative arts need to speak to audiences across all platforms. Further, with the creative arts reaching new platforms they will be positioned to instigate challenges and opportunities for new thinking, new processes, new formats, and new applications.

The Creative Arts Practice research theme seeks to transform how research is conducted at Trinity College, to challenge researchers to think creatively using creative arts methodologies, and to inspire new approaches to tackling societal challenges, especially in areas where creative arts have little or no tradition of impact in Ireland, such as in health provision, social inclusion, and educational practice. The theme also aims to impact the built environment of Trinity College and to stimulate creative thinking among its researchers through encounters with the creative arts.




Steering Committee

A Steering Committee  has been established to oversee the research theme and guide the development and delivery of new research projects and activities related to the theme over the course of its duration:

Nicholas Johnson, Theme Convener, Assistant Professor in Drama School of Drama, Film & Music

Brian Singleton, Professor of Drama and Theatre Studies School of Drama, Film & Music

Linda Doyle, Director of CONNECT/CTVR and Professor of Engineering and the Arts School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Carmel O’Sullivan Professor of Arts Education School of Education

Evangelia Rigaki, Professor of Composition, Instrumental Theatre School of Drama, Film & Music


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For queries or further information on the 'Creative Arts Practise' research theme at Trinity College Dublin, please email the theme convener:

Dr Nicholas Johnson
Assistant Professor in Drama School of Drama, Film & Music

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