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The Centre for New Irish Studies

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The Centre for New Irish Studies (CNIS) emerges from Trinity’s strengths in the multidisciplinary area of Irish Studies, particularly that undertaken by members of the Making Ireland research theme. The aim of the CNIS is to develop, promote and support research in New Irish Studies through partnership and engagement. It will work extremely closely with the A-rated research theme Making Ireland, four Arts and Humanities-led research themes, and the Trinity Long Room Hub, which generously hosts the Centre. This collaborative spirit allows the CNIS to contribute to achieving the College’s research strategies.


The CNIS was formally the Centre for Irish-Scottish and Comparative Studies and, prior to that, the Centre for Irish and Scottish Studies. The Centre for Irish and Scottish Studies (CISS) was established to manage a number of linked research projects in Irish and Irish-Scottish Studies all of which were funded by HEA/PRTLI grants. In 2007, CISS broadened its brief to become the Centre for Irish-Scottish and Comparative Studies (CISCS), and this rebranding was closely aligned with the birth of the TLRH. The CISCS facilitated a number of events through sponsoring conferences, workshops and research events. Subsequently several of the people involved transferred their energies to developing the Making Ireland research theme. In this way, the CNIS and its researchers respond to emerging areas of critical mass and developments in the research environment.

The TLRH and Making Ireland

The Centre is hosted by the Trinity Long Room Hub Arts and Humanities Research Institute. The TLRH and Centre share the aims of furthering arts and humanities research, promoting multi- and interdisciplinarity, and supporting public humanities; thus, the Centre is well placed in this environment. The TLRH also supports five arts and humanities-led research themes, one of which, Making Ireland, has over 250 scholars who identify their research as related to this theme. The theme and Centre are closely linked and strive to develop strands of research within New Irish Studies and facilitate new research. Furthermore, the Centre will assign associate fellow status to selected scholars working within the scope of New Irish Studies.

Launch of CNIS

On Tuesday 9th October 2018 the CNIS was launched by Professor Linda Doyle in the Hoey Ideas Space, TLRH. This followed an exciting panel event: Interdisciplinary Research on the Origins of the Irish People. The panel discussion comprised talks from Professor Jim Mallory (Queen’s University Belfast), Professor Dan Bradley (Trinity College Dublin), Dr Rowan McLaughlin (Queen’s University Belfast) and Dr Lara Cassidy (Trinity College Dublin). The leading researchers discussed their interdisciplinary approach to examining the Irish and their origins, as well as a more general discussion about Irish Studies and interdisciplinarity.

Board Members

Director: Dr Mark Hennessy, School of Geography, Trinity College Dublin

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