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Chaomei Chen

Chaomei Chen is doing a PhD in Drama with School of Creative Arts in TCD. She has obtained an M.A. in English Literature at Shanghai International Studies University and a B.A. in English at Harbin University of Commerce (China). Her research interests lie in contemporary Chinese theatre and performance.

Description of project: Her research questions how Chinese national identities evolve in contemporary Chinese (1976-) performances and how this identity transformation reflect a unique model of modernity with regards to cultural memories of war, revolution, and trauma. Through the lens of interculturalism and globalism, her exploration of Chinese identities aims to refresh the understanding of Chinese culture and society against the backdrop of Euro-centric framework of Chinese modernity and nationalism. Her project focuses on different fields of performative representation, including contemporary productions of both traditional (xiqu) and modern (huaju) Chinese theatre, exhibitions, memorials, etc.

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