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Elena Schaa

"Following my BA in the Academic Study of Religion and History (Basel), I completed an MA in the History and Philosophy of Science (Vienna), while I worked as a student assistant.

My main research interests include: [1] theory and methodology in the European History of Religion and the history of science, [2] the relationships between religion and modern physics, [3] the aesthetics of religion and science, [4] scientific masculinity.

Currently, I work on the relationships between religion and quantum physics in the writings and life Werner Heisenberg (1901–76), examining: [1] how Heisenberg responds to contemporary changes in science and society in his “religious writings”, [2] the impact his writings had on the narratives of the evolution of modern physics, as well as on contemporary concepts and forms of religion. This draws upon: [3] the framework of European History of Religion that allows for recognition of the various aspects of religion and science as well as their relationships, including the production of Sinn by Heisenberg, [4] the analytical concept of scientific masculinity to study the context and aesthetic aspects of Heisenberg's engagement in religion. "

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