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Jennifer Sargent-Matchain

In the context of global social, political, economic and environmental stresses, Jennifer Sargent-Matchain's research seeks to establish concrete links between Conflict Transformation theory and Permaculture design as an alternative to traditional peacebuilding approaches implemented by policymakers. The main objective of her research is to analyse whether Permaculture principles and practice can contribute to the positive transformation of structural, cultural and direct violence.

Her research compares a Permaculture project in Palestine with one in Zimbabwe as well as other initiatives in conflict-torn countries. Her research interests include design thinking, complexity theory, degrowth, grassroots and indigenous movements, neurohumanities and ecological resilience alongside issues of environmental stresses, scarcity and their relationship with violence.

Jennifer has worked as a teaching assistant at the School of Ecumenics and the Sociology department. She is a recipient of a Studentship Award from the School of Religion, Peace Studies and Theology at Trinity and the Consejo Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnología Mexico.

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