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Elizabeth Foley

Elizabeth Foley completed a BA in Jewish and Islamic Civilisations and Classical Civilisations at TCD and an MPhil in Greek and Roman History at Oxford before returning to her native city of Dublin for the PhD Classics programme. Her doctoral work focuses on the political, economic and social histories the Cyclades, the islands of the south Aegean sea, after the death of Alexander the Great. Though these islands form a natural region there is great diversity among them.

Her research explores this diversity as well as the ways in which the islands interacted amongst themselves, and how they engaged hegemonic powers and expressed that engagement both at the individual level and at a group level in the form of the Nesiotic (Islanders’) League. Elizabeth's research interests more generally revolve around the confluence of regions, landscapes and political communities in ancient history; she is interested in Athens and the cities of Karia in particular, and loves Greek inscriptions of all periods.

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