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Dr Alexander Bubb

The Trinity Long Room Hub is delighted to be welcoming Dr Alexander Bubb from Roehampton University as a Marie Skłodowska-Curie COFUND Fellow for 2017-18. Dr Bubb's fellowship is in collaboration with the School of English and the Manuscript, Book and Print Cultures research theme.

Dr Bubb's research seeks to explore the production of the oriental book in Victorian Britain, and to explain how - in a relatively short space of time - texts that were hiterhto the preserve solely of antiguaries had flown from the scholar's desk to the drawing-room shelf. He will chart changing domestic reading patters, analyse publication strategices, discuss cultural 'spin-offs' in music and art, and identify 'failed' classics that never achieved the Omar Khayyam-style sucess their translators had projected for them.

From such artefacts, Dr Bubb argues that a global outlook on print production and consumption in the nineteenth century might be achieved. In the nineteenth century, arguably, we see a greater diversity of publications drawn from oriental languages in daily circulation in the West than is the case today. Dr Bubb will look at the Victorian 'canon' of Asian classics of Arabic, Persian and Sanskrit origin which would have entered Britain largely through the filter of colonial India. He will consider British and American readers, and Australia as a case-study of a colonial book market.

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